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A Man Wants To Know If He's Wrong For Refusing To Leave Wife's 'Women Only' Baby Shower

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A man was left hurt after his wife excluded him from her baby shower but his desire to be involved may have gone just a little bit too far. Or at least that is the dilemma at hand.

He took to Reddit's r/AmITheA—hole subreddit, a forum where users crowdsource opinions on conflicts in their lives — or, at the very least, have a place to vent. And vent is exactly what he did.

The father to be opened up about his wife's 10-hour-long baby shower that he was not allowed to attend but he didn't take his exclusion lightly.

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The Reddit user refused to leave his wife's 'women-only' baby shower.

After helping his wife plan her baby shower and send out invites, the user expected to extend an invitation to his entire family. However, his wife then informed him that her baby shower would have 'no men' and that the rule even extended to him. The husband originally had thought that it was a joke, but upon learning her seriousness, he was quick to get upset.

"In a baby shower that I was paying for and planning, I was being excluded from my own wife's event in my own home. I found it absurd," he told Reddit. "The party lasted for about 10 hours, and I was expected to leave my own house for the entire duration."

His wife’s sister claimed he would 'ruin' the vibe of the party.

“Her sister overheard our argument and supported my wife's stance, saying that men are typically not invited to baby showers and that my presence would ruin the atmosphere and 'vibe.'"

The husband states that this disagreement occurred three weeks prior to the actual baby shower and that the night before the event, he tried to reason with her again. 

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According to the Redditor, he received angry text messages from his mother-in-law stating that he should, “just listen to what she says since the baby shower is for her not me and that she can decide whoever attends or doesn't.”

His final paragraph of the post stated that he was willing to make a compromise by staying outdoors, while the event was hosted indoors. However, he said his wife was still unhappy with that. 

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Reddit commenters said that the couple needs to work on their communication 

A few commenters on the AITA post said that the couple needed to work together and create healthier communication. Most commenters said that he was NTA (not the a—hole) or that ESH (everyone sucks here) due to the lack of communication between both parties and the timeframe of the event. 

Phrases such as, “but forcing [original poster] out of his own home for 10 hours is an [a—hole] move”, or “However to expect you to be out of your house all day, 10 hours!” mentioned in the comments suggests that most believe that 10 hours was way too long to be expected to stay away from the home.

A lot of followers of the subreddit agreed on Everyone Sucks Here and that a better compromise should have been made in order to ensure that all parties were happy. 

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