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Husband Refuses To Do Chores Or Pay His Share Of Bills For His 'Birthday Month'

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husband refuses chores for birthday month

Everyone wants to enjoy their birthday and have a relaxing day. However, this man took it a level further and decided he wants a “birthday month” where he wants to be “pampered”.

A woman wrote on Reddit about how her husband's upcoming birthday is a big deal for him as he is turning thirty. In celebration of that, he put forth a list of demands he wants his wife to follow for a month. 

“He is not to be asked to do any type of chores or clean or cook for a month.

He gets to play with his Xbox for hours on end without me interrupting or nagging him about it.

He is not to pay his part of rent this month.

He gets to go out with his friends whenever he wants.

He gets to skip any given workday and sleep in without being bothered to wake up to drive our son to school or do any emergency fixes.” 

The woman told Reddit that her husband's 'birthday month' demands were causing strain.

The enraged wife refused to fulfill any of his demands claiming it was unreasonable of him to ask her for so much.

“I called him ridiculous and said absolutely not I do not agree on anyhing on that list and said that his expectations for his birthday month was out of line,” she wrote.

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She also mentioned that she does most of the household chores daily and taking charge of everything for a month would be too burdensome for her, especially when they’re struggling. 

“We both work but I do the majority of household chores and the majority of our son's care as well as the majority of rent, bills and internet payments and I can not afford to do what he's expecting me to do because we're struggling already and I need his help especially now.”

The husband called his wife “selfish”

Instead of trying to understand their situation or meeting halfway with his wife, the husband is upset at his wife for blatantly refusing all of his demands. He mentioned how his parents and friends have done this for him throughout the years, so his wife should happily agree to his conditions. 

“He pitched a fit giving me grief about how I'm being selfish towards his wants and that in my place he would've agreed to do all he could to make my ...["Birthday Month"] the happiest month of the year for me,” she wrote.

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Due to the conflict, the couple have been arguing which led the woman to believe that maybe she “went too far.” So she asked people for their opinions and thoughts.

Internet users strongly supported the woman and took her side.

Many people wrote that she wasn’t going too far and that her husband was being unreasonable and just wanted to run away from his responsibilities. 

Some users commented comically, “Lol if I pulled that sh-t on my wife I’d expect divorce papers for my birthday present.” and “If I pulled this on my wife I’d wanna divorce myself.”  

While some users had a serious take on this, “He deserves to grow into the type of man that fulfills the adult role model by demonstrating how to love and cherish his wife for your son… He has to decide who he's going to be, and in the meantime, he's dragging you down.”

You don't just get to take a break from being a parent or having a job or paying rent. If he lived by himself would he not pay rent or not do a single chore all month?”

However, all were in support of the wife. All comments were letting her know that she isn’t in the wrong and has every right to react the way she did. 

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