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Jobless Man Tells Wife To Stop Buying Formula Instead Of Canceling Netflix

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Husband Tells Wife To Stop Wasting Money On Formula Instead Of Cancelling Streaming Services

Imagine, you are the breadwinner of your relationship. Your husband is currently unemployed and stays home with your two children.

However, he still uses part of your salary for several streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, ESPN+ and more.

Once you realize you keep cutting back costs on things that are necessary such as personal hygiene products, you sit down with your husband to say you can’t afford all the streaming services and ask him to pick one. It then becomes an argument and your husband suggests you stop buying formula for your 9 month old baby instead. 

How would that make you feel? 

A user on Reddit posted this story under the “AmITheAsshole” submissions and asked for advice. 

Her unemployed husband wants to ditch baby formula and keep Netflix.

“He said that I was trying to financially control him since I got offended when he pointed out that I waste money on makeup and explained that he can not and WILL NOT be bought with money no matter how desperate he is.” 

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She continued, “I said ok then let me cancel all streaming services and keep one til he can pay for them once he finds a job but he refused and said since he's the stahp (stay at home parent) then those streaming services are a right and not a privilege."

He wanted her to keep paying for the services and stop complaining since he has the taxing job of staying home with the couple's sons.

The mother continued and said her makeup gets replaced every few months and normally costs $50 or more. She also pointed out that she still does the majority of the work around the house once she returns from work. 

The wife switched to formula for health reasons, which her husband thinks is a waste of money and she should be able to move past the pain it causes. 

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The post reads, “I was floored and was seething. I lashed out at him asking him if he literally thought cancelling formula is better than his precious subscriptions. Also I work I have no time to breastfeed."

She said she warned her husband that she would just cut off the subscriptions and he couldn't stop her.

"He stormed off after calling me controlling and kept cold shouldering me.”

The post has now received over 3,000 comments as of being shared 21 days ago with most siding with the wife and mother. 

One user named, BakedWizerd said, “Before I was making enough money for subscription services I was able to find workarounds for everything. Movies, shows, sports, music. There are options that don’t require you spend $80 per month. Sure the subs are convenient, but convenience is a privilege you have to pay for.”

Similarly, another user suggested he could work for services such as Uber Eats. 

“He can do door dash or gh (GrubHub) at night and pay for his own subscription services. There is so much gig work available that I have a hard time believing people can't find any work whatsoever. I'd stop paying any of his sh-t on general principle.” 

However, the wife edited the post and said her husband refuses to do work in any other related fields since he worked too hard for his degree. 

The post now reads “Not the A-hole.”

How would you respond if someone said this to you? 

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