What Your Partner’s Answers To These 4 Questions Say About Your Relationship, According To TikTok’s Love Quiz

A fun quiz to play with your significant other.

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Viral trends on TikTok come and go, but a recent trend has captivated many users on the video-sharing app, but mostly couples.

Couples across the app are now obsessed with this newest relationship-based quiz, and it's easy enough that anyone can try it. 

The quiz, which has been dubbed the "Forest Question Test," involves you asking your partner four simple questions, and their answers supposedly reveal how they feel about you, your relationship, and their love for you.


How to play the Forest Relationship Quiz on TikTok?

When starting, you have to ask your partner to imagine themselves in a forest, before then asking them the following questions.

1. What is the first animal you see?

2. What is the second animal you see?

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3. You are walking in a forest and then you see a hut, do you a) bypass it, b) knock before going in or c) barge in?

4. You see a jug, how much water is in it? Half, full, or none?

According to the TikTokers who've done the trend, the first animal your partner sees represents them, while the second animal they see represents you. 


Their response to the hut is said to symbolize how emotionally prepared they are for a relationship. The responses - whether a, b or c can be interpreted in different ways but in general, if a person chooses to bypass it, they are not ready to commit.

However, if they barge in they are confident and ready for a relationship while knocking suggests that they are emotionally ready too.

Lastly, the level of water in the jug represents how much love they feel for you in the relationship.

In one example, a woman posed the relationship quiz to her boyfriend via text message. 

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Her boyfriend replied by saying he saw a grizzly bear first and then a "raggedy squirrel with rabies" second. He also said he would run past the hut, but the jug of water was full to the brim.

"The hut represents how ready you are to be in a relationship and you [say] you're passing it GONE," the woman wrote to her boyfriend, telling him what his answers meant.

"And the amount of water is how much you feel in our relationship which is full," she added, with a red heart emoji.


In a second example, a woman asked her fiancé the same set of questions via text message as well.



He replied by saying he saw a bird first and then a frog second. He walked past the shed, and the jug of water was empty.

"Yikes," the woman replied to her fiancé before explaining what his answers meant. "The first animal you see is yourself, so you see yourself as a bird. You see me as a frog. You walk past the shed meaning you're not ready for a relationship."


"And the amount of water is how much love you feel in our relationship."

While there is no scientific proof to back the meaning of each question, it can still be a fun challenge to do with your significant other!

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