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Grandma Upset That Her Daughter Didn't Dress Her New Baby In The Clothes She Made When Leaving The Hospital

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After an excited grandmother spent months hand making an outfit for her newest grandbaby, she could not help but feel hurt after the baby was not dressed in the outfit as she left the hospital for the first time.

The grandmother was told that she was just “jealous” and making her granddaughter’s birth all about her. Now, she is wondering if she is in the wrong.

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The grandmother handmade an outfit for her newborn grandchild after her daughter asked her to.

Sharing her story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the woman revealed that she was open to all “outside opinions” and “judgment” regarding the situation. According to her, she is a mother of four and grandmother of five.

After the birth of her first grandchild, she began a tradition that stuck with the family. “For all of my grandchildren, I made knitted clothes and hats for them to come out of the maternity ward,” she wrote. “It started with my first grandchild and all the ones that followed, my kids asked me to do it.”

The woman adds that it is customary in her country for newborn clothes to be a certain color, representing good health, peace, and protection.

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“I don't do it professionally and I work, so it's something I do in my spare time and it takes months because I do it with all the love and care,” she shared. While the woman says that she never forces her children to accept the clothes for their new babies, they usually ask her to make them when they find out they are expecting.

When her eldest daughter, Pam, found out she was pregnant with her first child, she asked her mother to make an outfit for her newest grandbaby to leave the hospital in.

“It was one of the prettiest jobs I've ever done and finished within seven months of her pregnancy,” the woman wrote. Her granddaughter was born two months later.

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The baby was dressed in a different outfit bought by her other grandparents.

However, as her daughter and her new little family were preparing to leave the hospital, the woman discovered that her granddaughter was wearing a different outfit than the one she made for her to go home in. Instead, she was wearing an outfit from a high-end brand that her other grandparents bought for her.

The grandmother admits that she was “heartbroken,” and vented to one of her sons about the situation. “The word spread among my children until it reached Pam in the form of a scolding for someone else,” she wrote.

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Pam confronted her mother, believing that she was acting unreasonably. “She called me angrily saying that she didn't believe I was jealous over clothes that her daughter could wear at any time, and that I decided to make this moment about me and not celebrate my granddaughter's life,” the woman shared.

“I'm just heartbroken that I've been making something so lovingly for months for a specific moment and not been told at any point that she wouldn't use it,” she added. She is especially hurt considering that she not only spent months making the outfit for her granddaughter but also that she has been by her daughter’s side since the birth of their daughter helping out since her daughter is still recovering from her C-section.

Some Redditors validated the grandmother’s feelings and believed that her daughter was being inconsiderate.

“Don't ask someone to spend hours of their time making something for you, only to not use it. That’s just s****y behavior,” one user commented.

“It's extremely selfish to ask someone to make something handmade that takes ages of effort, refuse to use it, choose a capitalistic designer brand instead, and then get angry that you're upset that your handmade item wasn't used,” another user wrote.

However, other users pointed out that the baby’s mother may have had her reasons for not dressing her baby in the outfit her grandmother made for her to wear home.

“Handknits can be tough to get onto babies,” one user shared. “A gift is not supposed to be an obligation.”

“Maybe she thought her mother would understand her situation, and she could risk your hurt feelings more than her in-laws, for fear of mistreatment,” another user noted.

Hopefully, the mother and daughter can work through their disagreement together for the sake of her granddaughter, who is clearly loved by both of them.

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