Man Says Gay Men Have Supported Women For Years So It's Time For One Of Them To Give Him A Baby — He Gets Tons Of Volunteers

He's already gotten messages from many women who claim his offer sounds fun.

Josh Allport TikTok

A man has proposed an idea that women and gay men should team up and start families together.

In a TikTok video, Josh Allport claimed that as a gay man himself, he's offered a lot of support to women over the years, and claims that it's time they return the favor in a rather unexpected way. While meant to be a joke, Josh was shocked to receive positive responses from women.

Josh, a gay man, explained that it was time for women to give him a baby after having supported them for years. 

In Josh's video, which has boasted over 2 million views, he brought up an idea that he wanted women, specifically, to think about.


"Girls, for all these years the gays have supported you," he pointed out. "Complimented your hair, complimented your outfits, held your hair back when you were throwing up."

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As compensation for the endless support that gay men have provided women, Josh revealed that he wanted to have his own children, and women were the solution. "Nine months, preheat that oven and do it in six," he joked.


Josh continued, saying that he can't afford to have a surrogate and as a backup plan, decided to enlist the help of all of his viewers and followers who are women. "Choose the hotel, choose whatever drinks you want, order room service," he pleaded.

He then began listing off all of his attributes that would be able to reel in the lucky woman who would give him a child.

"I'm 6'1, I'm beautiful. We would make a gorgeous child," he added. "We'd put [them] into modeling, and I'll pay you later when he makes money [and becomes] successful." 

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Josh was surprised at the number of willing participants who flooded his comments section and sent messages on social media.

Despite the joking tone of the video, Josh's TikTok comments began flooding with volunteers, who claimed his offer sounded a lot better than things straight men have told them in the past.


"A straight man has never asked me this nicely, so the answer's yes," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user happily agreed as well, writing, "The fact [that] I wouldn't give a straight man a kid but I'd gladly do it for you [because] you asked so nicely."

"This sounds like the healthiest co-parenting ever. Imagine the dad actually carrying their weight," a third user pointed out. A fourth user was more than willing to volunteer, writing, "You know what, the approach got me. I'm in."

Josh ended up making a follow-up video, where he claimed that he was currently sifting through all of the direct messages he'd received on Instagram from women.

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"My DMs are filled with beautiful [and] gorgeous women from all over the world," he revealed.

He added that he's even gotten messages from women who are already mothers, who have sent over photos of their children to show Josh what a potential baby between them would look like. 


"At this point, I think gay men should be in relationships with straight women," he joked. "I can carry you up the stairs."

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