After Years Of Trying For A Baby, Pregnant Woman's Husband Left Her Weeks Before Birth — So Her Friend Organized A Life-Changing Gift

He gave no warning signs.

Friends emotional on radio show YouTube

A woman’s husband decided to abandon her while she was 36 weeks pregnant — something that came as a shock to everyone because the couple had been trying desperately to conceive a child for three years.

In an episode of the YouTube series, Kyle & Jackie O, two women named Anna and Amanda appeared as guests.

Anna wrote into the show, and her message gave some of the backstories of her friend, Amanda, and her husband’s struggle with conceiving.


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The couple had been trying to get pregnant for three years and had failed multiple times.

Finally, the couple was able to conceive and as Amanda sits on the show, she is 36 weeks pregnant.


They purchased a new home for their growing family and moved in two months ago.

Everything sounded like it should have been going well in Amanda’s world, but according to the host, Jackie, that’s when the future mom’s world “came unstuck recently.” 

She then discloses that Amanda’s husband had left the marriage.

With tears in her eyes, Amanda tells Jackie, “It’s probably been about five weeks since it all happened and the biggest thing is just the shock, I guess. Because it really wasn’t what we planned or what I planned.”

Kyle asks Amanda if her husband’s departure came out of the blue and she confirms that it did.

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She then goes on to talk about how difficult life has been since he left.

The couple had been renovating the home they purchased for the past two years, sinking a hefty amount of money into the project.

According to Amanda, this year was supposed to be great — a new baby, moving into your new home, and a bright future would make any wife believe everything was falling into place for her family.

She declared, “That’s all gone now, and I have to think about other options and what I can do because I really want to keep the place and raise my child there.”

She looks off into the distance wistfully, resigned to the fact that everything she has built over the past few years has come crashing down.


Jackie jumps in, telling Amanda that they would love for her to be able to have her baby without the stress of worrying about her finances.

She then directs the pregnant woman’s attention to the television screen behind her.

Amanda smiles as a camera pans across her front yard and when Kyle asks whose place it is, she confirms it is hers.

The group watches as the video feed moves through the front door, and into the foyer area.

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Jackie reveals the gifts that the radio show set up inside Amanda's home.

A vacuum cleaner sits in the middle of the floor as a hint before Jackie exclaims that a cleaning service has agreed to take care of Amanda’s home for the next six months, removing the upkeep of her house from her to-do list.


Next, the video moves into the kitchen and the cameraman opens the refrigerator, now filled with food.

Jackie says, “You are going to be supplied with Eat Fit Food. Every day, they’ll be delivering your meals for the next three months. All the groceries are taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

Amanda covers her mouth, now crying happy tears as she sees what the show’s host has done for her.

But the good news doesn’t stop there.

The camera backs up to display $4,000 worth of baby products from Baby Village, including essentials like a stroller, car seat, and even a $1,000 baby photography voucher.

Just when Anna and Amanda thought they were done, the host revealed a stack of money that had been hidden in the oven.


Jackie thanked Little Jack’s Learning Center for providing the soon-to-be new mom with $10,000 to be used toward her mortgage.

Through tears, Amanda says, “I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I don’t have to move.”

Kyle confirms that she is no longer faced with losing her home, but does tell her, “It wouldn’t hurt to move that mattress out of the hall,” alluding to the fact that she had not unpacked yet.


Anna and Amanda both cry as they look at one another, overwhelmed by the generosity of the hosts.

The video ends with Amanda telling them, “I can’t thank you enough. I really can’t.”

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