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Father Criticized For The Easy Punishment He Gave His 'Bully' Daughter Who Showed No Remorse

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Girl sitting on couch being disciplined by parent

A father is looking for the internet's help in punishing his daughter for a bullying incident.

He took to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–-hole” (AITA) thread to see if he is in the wrong for standing his ground on his daughter's punishment.

The subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” is a public forum for users to post scenarios and receive votes on whether they are in the wrong or not.

The father and his wife have four kids together and usually agree on ways to parent their kids. The couple has a set of twins — a 14-year-old daughter and son, as well as a 12-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter.

While he was home with his sick 12-year-old son one day, he received a call from the high school regarding his 14-year-old daughter.

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The school explained that his daughter had received 3 days of ISS (in-school suspension) for a bullying incident.

The father spoke to a school official who explained the situation.

“My daughter and a group of her friends was picking on a boy for wearing a crop top, the boy told the teacher, she asked them to stop, when they didn’t stop, she sent them to the office.”

The father continued, “After talking to the boy, he admitted the bullying was going on for a few days, and that they kept bothering him when he asked them to stop.” 

When his daughter and son came home from school, the father noticed his son's face was bright red. 

He scolded the daughter to go to her room and then asked the son what was wrong. 

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The son revealed that the boy the daughter was bullying was his friend and teammate on the football team. 

“The boy was talking to my son and their other friends and said something about how he thought it was cool that some men used to wear sports crop tops,” the father relayed. 

“The boys told him if he thought it was cool, he should try it. The boys went out and bought some jerseys from the thrift store and made them into crop tops,” he continued. 

The father then spoke to his daughter about the incident. 

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“She didn’t show much remorse and was dismissive of me.”  

The father revealed how last year the daughter also got in trouble for bullying a peer about their clothes and even making racist comments in class.

When the mother came home, the two parents agreed on a punishment. The daughter's consequence would be “Not buying her new clothes for a while.”

“She has plenty of good clothes already,” the father explained as the reasoning.

The weekend after the incident, the family went to visit the father's brother and go to a town fair. The fair had booths set up with local businesses selling clothes and other goods.

The 14-year-old daughter went up to the clothes booth. The father said, “I stopped her and told her the rule was still in place.”

“I said she could buy books, a video game, candy, etc, but clothes were the one thing she could not get,” he continued.

The daughter started to beg her mother to buy the clothes, and she said she would think about it.

The father told the mother he was not changing his stance on the punishment because he was allowing her to purchase other items at the fair.

“My daughter didn’t buy anything and my wife thinks I was too tough on her. When I called my mom for advice, she also agreed with my wife.”

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Reddit users were shocked by the level of punishment the daughter received as the post was flooded with comments.

“A 14-year-old is racist and a bully and her only punishment is not getting clothes for a while?” One user remarked.

Another wrote, “Seriously. The kid needs to do research on the impact of bullying and racism and write an essay as well as an apology letter to the poor boy.”

Many users were extremely disappointed that the parents did not punish the daughter more for bullying and previous racist comments. 

Commenters believe the daughter's behavior to be a reflection of the parents. 

“If my child behaved like this, I'd be going through the last 14 years of our lives with a fine-tooth comb, trying to figure out where I'd gone so wrong, and doing everything in my power to make up for my failures and teach my child about anti-racism and compassion.”

The situation was voted by Reddit users as "Everyone Sucks Here" (ESH). 

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