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Ezra Miller’s Alleged Ex Claims To Be ‘Terrified’ Of Actor & Accuses Them Of Abuse

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Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller has had a few issues relating to their public image lately following an arrest in Hawaii. Now Miller is facing viral accusations of abuse from an alleged former partner.

The actor has come under fire over the years for allegedly assaulting people and exhibiting some strange behavior. 

But the latest allegations have made fans even more cautious. 

Ezra Miller's alleged ex accused them of abuse in a viral video.

Mia Solange, who goes by @miasolange and also uses they/them pronouns, publicly accused Ezra Miller of abuse in a viral social media post.

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The original TikTok is no longer public after Solange set their account to private, but many of their claims are still circulating online as the video has been reposted across platforms.

In the original TikTok, Solange shared photos of the two from 2019 as evidence of their alleged relationship.

In the caption of the original TikTok, Solange allegedly specified, “You took everything from me. Ezra M***er is not a good human. And I can finally say so without being terrified. #abuser.”

In another video, Solange is vague and claims they do not want to go into too many details but has urged any of Miller's other potential victims to come forward.

The TikTok picked up a lot of traction, garnering over 3 million views, but it wasn’t actually the first time that Solange shared their story.

Solange’s points have also been picked up by Twitter user @lotsofgaycrimes, who goes by the name Ren.

Ezra Miller is accused of misgendering their ex.

Ren, who has a history of documenting alleged abuses by Ezra Miller, posted a tweet containing several screenshots of their conversation with Solange where they detailed some of Miller’s behavior.

In one message, Solange said that Miller was “off his fucking rocker,” and that Miller allegedly intentionally misgendered them and also yelled at an airline employee for seemingly no reason.

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There aren’t a lot of other details that show Miller was abusive.

In one post, Solange shows their allegedly bruised leg, however, they don’t detail if Miller was physically abusive toward them. Solange does allege Miller would apparently bite them a lot when they were intimate.

Twitter users have been raising concerns about Miller’s behavior for a long time.

Ren has a Twitter dedicated to documenting Miller’s abuses and allegedly even had negative interactions with them in the past, writing in their Instagram bio, “Ezra Miller stole my art while abusing, love bombing, manipulating, and gaslighting me. This is where I posted my story and proof.”

They also changed their Twitter name to Ezra Miller vs. Accountability.

Ren has also reacted very negatively toward Twitter users that haven’t been totally convinced by the limited evidence presented that Miller was abusive toward Solange.

As always, it will be down to the court of public opinion to decide Miller’s guilt here.

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