Diver Who Found Kiely Rodni’s Body Suspects Foul Play As Witness Claims She Was With A Man After Disappearance

All the suspicious details in her disappearance.

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One of the divers who found the body of missing California teen Kiely Rodni suspects foul play may have led to her death.

On August 21, Rodni's body was found inside her 2013 Honda in Prosser Lake, two weeks after the 16-year-old was last seen.

Now, one of the members of the Adventures With Purpose diving team is describing the concerning details about where Rodni was found.

The dive team says Kiely Rodni's death is suspicious and suspects foul play.

In a video posted to the Adventures With A Purpose YouTube channel, the dive team documented the dramatic moment Rodni’s car was found.


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"She’s in the back of the vehicle. She’s not in the driver’s seat. It looks suspicious to me," Nick Rinn, a scuba instructor and Adventures With Purpose volunteer notes.


The car window on the front passenger side of the vehicle was either “down” or “broken out,” and the rear driver-side window was about half open, the video indicates.

According to the video, Rodni’s body was positioned toward the rear passenger side of the vehicle in the trunk area.

This detail is possibly suspicious as Rodni could have escaped through these windows. However, with these windows open, the vehicle likely sank quickly and she would not have been able to escape easily.

A witness claims he saw Kiely Rodni with an unknown man.

A member of the community who works as a roadside assistance worker said he responded to a call north of Prosser Reservoir on August 6 or 7 — Rodni went missing in the early hours of August 6.


There he found a teen girl awkwardly standing around with a man.

The teen girl, who the worker believes was Rodni after seeing her on missing posters, said her car had a dead battery, but really the gear shift was just in neutral.

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He noted it was suspicious that she asked him multiple times how to connect her seatbelt.

Authorities are aware of the worker’s story and sought out surveillance footage from the area to confirm or deny the encounter.

Kiely Rodni’s disappearance was initially investigated as a possible abduction.

Investigators did not initially rule out the possibility that the teen was taken against her will but have not revealed any evidence to support this theory.


It has been noted that Rodni was drinking at the party prior to leaving, but authorities have decided to hold her autopsy and toxicology report results, as well as other details related to the case, until November at a minimum.

Rodni went missing on August 6 after attending a party, which took place at the Prosser Family Campground.

She was last seen leaving the party around the time the GPS on her phone last pinged, at around 12:30 a.m.


The search for Rodni included 18 local, state, and federal agencies that utilized divers, boats equipped with sonar, and helicopters in their two-week-long search.

Despite a number of searches conducted, including a search of the area where her body was ultimately found, YouTube divers Adventures with Purpose were the ones to discover Rodni’s car.

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