Harry Jowsey Addresses Fling With Trans Influencer Nikita Dragun – And Explains Why It Shouldn't Matter

Trans women are women.

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Controversial YouTuber and makeup guru Nikita Dragun has recently caused a social media uproar after the release of her new song. 

In the video for her new single, Dragun, who is a transgender woman, posted screenshots and direct messages of different men, some of them being high-profile celebrities, who she’s either hooked up or flirted with. Some of the men included model Michael Yerger and rapper Tyga. 


Reality star Harry Jowsey who was cast on the first season of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ also appeared in the music video. His face was blocked out, but fans were immediately able to identify him. 

Did Harry Jowsey hook up with Nikita Dragun?

In an interview on the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Jowsey confirmed that he did hook up with Nikita Dragun, after the pair got “pretty drunk.”

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“I don’t see it as a big deal,” Jowsey said, mentioning that he had no idea that Dragun would be making their hookup public news. 


Jowsey also continued by saying, “For me it’s like hooking up with another girl. I see trans women as women. I don’t see it as a big deal.”

Nikita Dragun's music video has divided fans.

The release of the music video immediately divided viewers who accused Dragun of trying to “expose” men who have messaged her privately. While others didn’t see a problem with the video considering she blocked out a majority of people’s faces and names. 

For Nikita Dragun to create a music video with the intent to expose different men for hooking up with her implies that there is something to be ashamed of for being attracted to a trans woman as a straight man, when in reality it shouldn’t matter.

Harry Jowsey's comments about trans women should be a lesson to all.

Harry Jowsey’s nonchalance about the entire ordeal is admirable, especially his declaration that he doesn’t see trans women as anything other than women, as well as his openness with admitting his attraction to trans women. 


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“The first thing that I was concerned about when she posted that was first off, her safety,” Harry said. “Like, there’s a lot of big names in that and I’m sure that there’s people that she’s hooked up with that wouldn’t want that type of stuff to be out there.” 

There is a huge narrative around dating trans people in general. Many straight people see that as them not being straight anymore if they were to become romantically involved with someone who is trans, when in reality that is not the case. 

A trans woman is a real woman in the same sense that a trans man is a real man.


Jowsey continued by also saying: “I’m hugely attracted to people’s energy, it doesn’t really matter who they are. So with Nikita, if you guys know her, you meet her, especially offline. She's very powerful, she’s very driven, she’s very attractive, and very successful in many senses. So, I don’t know, like, I’ve always been attracted to her.”

It is refreshing to see someone like Harry Jowsey, who has this huge platform with millions of followers to stand behind trans women with his powerful, and true, statement that they should be treated like real women. 

There is nothing bad about hooking up with a trans woman, and there shouldn’t be a stigma around labeling straight men as “gay” for being with trans women as well. 


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