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Parents Gift Their 5-Year-Old Daughter A Luxury SUV For Her Birthday To Convince Her To Go To School

Photo: TikTok
Farhana Zahra, Fatima, luxury SUV

For the average, newly-turned, five-year-old, most parents will gift their child some toys, maybe a few books, or even an electronic of some kind. All in all, parents don't typically plan on spending over six figures on their children.

However, one set of parents from Malaysia decided for their daughter's birthday,y they were going to gift her a rather expensive car, in an effort to bribe her into attending school.

Malaysian parents gifted their daughter a luxury SUV for her 5th birthday to try and get her to commit to going to school.

In a TikTok video, a Malaysian businesswoman, Farhana Zahra, filmed her asking her daughter, Fatima, what she would like for her birthday, according to Oddity Central. Fatima, who would soon turn 5 years old, replied that she wanted a car.

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The little girl didn't just want one of those small toy cars that children can pretend to drive, instead specifically asked for either a green Mercedes G Wagon or a BMW. While a rather bold gift request from someone who probably shouldn't have such extensive knowledge of expensive cars, Zahra didn't seem perturbed by her daughter's request.

In response, the young girl's mother confirmed that she would buy her daughter the car she wanted, but in exchange, Fatima needed to promise that she would be willing to attend school. Zahra and her husband, Fatima's father, have had issued trying to get their daughter excited about starting school since she was soon turning the age required for children to be enrolled.

Fatima seemed pleased with the compromise, and she and her mother sealed their deal with a pinky shake. 

In a follow-up video from the day of Fatima's fifth birthday party, her parents made sure to blindfold their daughter as they presented her with her own luxury Mercedes G Wagon, which retail for around a starting price of $139,900.



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With all of her friends and family surrounding her, everyone counts down while Zahra removes the blindfold from around her daughter's eyes to reveal her birthday gift. As everyone claps, Fatima seems overjoyed at what she's gotten, smiling from ear to ear.

Encased in a glass box, Fatima's parents purchased her a dark green Mercedes G Wagon, with her name even printed on the front license plate. Hundreds of balloons also rested in the glass enclosure alongside the car, though Fatima was definitely only impressed by her brand new G Wagon.

People in the comments section criticized Zahra and her husband for buying their daughter such an expensive gift.

Zahra's viral video attracted hundreds of comments from other TikTok users, who felt that the gift she and her husband decided to give their 5-year-old daughter was definitely a bit too over-the-top.

"Spoiled kids and parents, who spoil them," one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "How materialistic has our society come to? What teachings [are] we imparting?"

Unfortunately for Fatima, she still has 12 more years before she can enjoy her gift. Who knows? Maybe around that time, she'll have a slew of other luxury cars to choose from. 

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