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Waitress 'So Uncomfortable' After Customers Beg Her To 'Flirt' With Their Son In Front Of His Girlfriend Because 'We Hate Her'

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TikToker explaining her awkward customer encounter

Usually, for restaurant servers, regular customers are a good thing—you develop a rapport that makes the job easier, and you get good tips because of it. 

But for one waitress on TikTok, some truly awkward restaurant customers got a little overfamiliar when they took a shine to her and asked her for some favors that made her downright uncomfortable.

A waitress' regular customers asked her to help them break up their son and his girlfriend.

She thought it was a joke at first, but then they made a reservation in her section and everything, leaving her dreading her return to work. 

The customers asked her to flirt with their son in order to sabotage his relationship. 

"I am dreading work tonight," TikToker @minimumwagehippie told her followers as she pulled up to her job on a Friday night. 

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The night before she'd waited on a family of five that comes into the restaurant pretty frequently. "A mom, dad, and like three kids," she said, "and they liked me." So when they decided to come back the following night with "a large party," they asked, "can we request you?" 

The server of course said yes—who wouldn't want a tip from a big table of people who already like you, right? She helped them make a reservation since it was a Friday night, and make sure they'd be in her section. And then things took a turn.

"The dad started to talk to me about their son. And he was like, 'can you flirt for extra money?'" She was instantly uncomfortable and told the man she already had a boyfriend. "The dad was like, that's irrelevant." And then the mom of the family piped up. "Yeah, we hate his girlfriend," she said. "I'm going to be the worst mother-in-law ever."

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The awkward customers described their son's girlfriend as 'insecure' and asked the waitress to start a fight between them.

"They just started to talk about how much they dislike her," the waitress went on to say. "If you're our server," they told her, "she's the kind of girl that's going to kick him under the table and be like, don't look at her... that's how insecure she is."

The server was very uncomfortable with this conversation, but "I was engaging in the conversation because they hadn't paid yet—they hadn't tipped me yet." She tried to laugh it off, but the awkward customers just wouldn't let it go. "We really want to see them argue before they leave," they told her. "I was just like, bro, what?"

After the parents paid, they wrote "Fu-k Mary," the girlfriend's name, on her credit card slip—which left the waitress totally shocked. "Y'all if my boyfriend's mother ever did some sh-t like that...I would be so upset." But she felt backed into a corner because of course, her earnings are dependent on their happiness since restaurant servers rely on tips. 

"I don't know what to do," she lamented. "This is going to be so uncomfortable. This is so weird. I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this.

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The waitress refused to flirt with the awkward customer's son, and they confronted her about it after their dinner.

In a follow-up TikTok, the waitress got into just how weird things got that night at work. 



"Honestly, the girl was, like, super nice to me," she said of the supposedly awful girlfriend, and she couldn't bring herself to get involved in the awkward customers' sabotage plan. After their dinner, they confronted her about it, asking her why she didn't flirt with their son. She replied that she "didn't want to be disrespectful."

So instead, the mom enlisted her daughter to harass the girlfriend. Seemingly in a bid to win the waitress over to their side, they claimed they had their daughter comment on how pretty the waitress is, and that the girlfriend said, "No she's not." They then asked the waitress, "Isn't she just such a b-tch? Could you tell that she was such a b-tch?"

This made the waitress feel even more awkward. "This girl is 22 years old... I could tell she wasn't that social because she probably feels not welcome at this table already, you know what I mean?" She went on to say of the whole situation, "It was weird. It was weird. It was weird."

It goes without saying, of course, that there are better ways to let your child know you don't like their girlfriend than asking a complete stranger harass them. In fact, psychologist Judith Tutin told us in 2017 that it's best for parents to not meddle in "affairs of the heart" when it comes to their kids at all, and that respecting their choices is all-important. "Isn’t the idea of parenting to cultivate the child’s ability to be autonomous and make their own choices?" she wrote. 

But if you absolutely must meddle? Please don't enlist innocent waitresses to bully your child's girlfriend. It's a restaurant, not an elementary school playground!

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