Man Posts Video Of Chipotle Employee 'Eating Instead Of Working' — He Did Not Get The Response He Was Hoping For

Employees are human too and deserve a meal break.

Chipotle, employee eating JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock; @smat472/TikTok 

When a customer went into Chipotle to pick up a meal, he was surprised to discover one of the employees enjoying their own behind the counter.

Disapproving her choice, the man recorded the employee and put her on blast on social media. However, he did not get the responses from others that he was anticipating.

The man slammed the employee for 'eating instead of working' behind the counter.

The incident was captured at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Upon entering the establishment, the man notices one of the employees walking behind the counter eating from what appears to be a small bowl with a spoon.


Clearly unhappy with the service, he takes out his phone and begins videotaping the unsuspecting employee. 



“Employees eating and walking around instead of working! Pathetic!” he wrote in the text overlay of the video he later uploaded to TikTok. “Never even washed her hands or nothing. F-–king gross!” At the end of the video, the man behind the camera can be heard muttering, “Eating instead of working. Perfect.”


In the video’s caption, the man claimed that the restaurant was busy, with the line “out the door” with other employees counting their tip money in front of customers. He added that the employee he captured eating had a “bad attitude” as well. The video has gained nearly 2 million views. 

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However, most people did not share the same opinion as the man, noting that employees are human too and deserve to eat. “They're human bro. They have to eat too. There were other people there working,” one TikTok user commented. “If you never worked at a fast food restaurant you obviously won’t understand. We need to eat as well,” another user wrote. 

Others pointed out that the employee could have been on her break and did not have any other place to enjoy her meal. “Not everyone there has the same job. She probably finished her tasks and is eating, you never know. They’re not just workers they’re people too,” one user noted. “Do you expect people to not eat throughout six to eight-hour shifts?” another user asked. 


In many states, employees are entitled to a lunch break. 

Employee laws regarding breaks vary depending on the state in the U.S. Connecticut law requires employers to offer their workers at least one 30-minute meal break if they work a consecutive seven and half hours or more. 

It's important for employees to familiarize themselves with the labor laws specific to their area of employment. It is also important for customers to understand that even while on the clock, employees are entitled to a meal break after being on their feet for an extended period of time. After all, they too are human. 

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