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Woman Calls Out Barista's 'Rude' Response After Asking For A 'Surprise Me' Order — 'That's Never Happened To Me'

Photo: TikTok & Instagram
Kristen Alk

There is a new trend going around on social media where people are asking baristas at coffee shops, specifically Starbucks, to make them a "surprise" drink.

While some baristas are happy about the challenge, others find the request to be time-consuming and rather annoying, and would rather a customer tell them an order instead of asking for a "surprise" order.

One woman, Kristen, decided to try out the challenge and was shocked at the rude response given to her by a barista.

She thinks being served water as her 'surprise me' drink was 'rude' of the barista.

In a TikTok video, Kristen, whose entire account is dedicated to doing food reviews and trying out different drink orders, wanted to try the "surprise me" drink trend.

"Feeling like drinking something different today, so I think I'm going to go ahead and asked the barista to give me a 'surprise me' drink," Kristen began.

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She chose to go through the Starbucks drive-thru, and when the barista asked what she wanted, she replied that she'd like a 'surprise me' order.

Confused, the barista asked her to repeat it, and when Kristen did, the Starbucks employee responded, "Yeah, I get can you an iced water ... that sounds good."

Kristen doesn't answer, but on the other end of the ordering system, she can hear the other baristas laughing in the background.

"Actually, can you just make something that sounds good?" Kristen amended, adding that she wanted to leave the drive-thru but had been waiting for "35 minutes" in line.

The barista agreed to make a "surprise" drink for Kristen, and as she pulled up to the window, she told viewers, "that has never happened to me before."

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"I really wasn't going to post this video [because] you guys just saw what happened," Kristen explained, holding the iced drink that had been made for her.

She claimed that the barista's response was "a little bit rude," but acknowledged that it was understandable since "it might be annoying when people don't just say what they want to order."

"I just don't think the barista passed the vibe check, and it was probably my last time doing the challenge."

TikTok users did not side with Kristen and criticized her for not just giving the barista an order to make.

"I get both sides. But I’m on the barista's side. There’s nothing worse than someone coming during/right after a rush asking for a surprise," one user wrote.

Another user added, "[The barista is] probably tired of [people] asking for random things, like just say what [you] want..."

"As a fast food worker, it’s not that we don’t want to make it but we don’t know what your taste is, and not only that, [but] some come back [because] they don’t like [it]," a third user pointed out.

A fourth user wrote, "It’s not their job to decide your order for you especially since Starbucks makes hundreds of drinks a day."

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