Customer Finds Metal Screw In Food & Reports It To The Health Dept. After DoorDash Refuses To Respond

After a customer found a metal screw in their order, DoorDash was completely unhelpful.

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When ordering through a food delivery service, we expect decent service as well as efficiency handling issues that arise. Unfortunately, DoorDash seems to be lacking in the customer service department.

A Reddit user complained to DoorDash after finding a metal screw in their food.

A customer went to Reddit and opened up about their recent experience with DoorDash. Though they were able to keep a calm demeanor the entire time, the immaturity and lack of urgency of the third-party app was questionable and a bit worrisome.


The user reported their issue to Reddit’s subreddit, r/doordash, where people talk about good or bad experiences with DoorDash.

The user later posted a screenshot of the metal screw, after calmly explaining the problem. They were told by DoorDash’s customer service team that they would report the issue to the “Escalations Team.”

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doordash metal screw in foodPhoto: Reddit


The chat shortly ended and the user was reconnected with another customer service representative, where the same message was sent again, seemingly an automated copy and paste.

“Ok the last person said that and ended the chat so please don’t end the chat,” the user said. The customer service rep on the other end replied, “Yes I am here do not worry.” Two minutes later, the chat ended again.

DoorDash screw in food customer service responsePhoto: Reddit


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DoorDash eventually blamed the reconnection issue on the customer.

After being reconnected three times, the issue was still unresolved and was somehow getting worse. Instead of helping the unhappy customer, DoorDash's customer service decided to blame the disconnection issues on them, claiming it was the customer's WiFi, and not their team disconnecting.

The team asked the customer if they would like a refund or if they wanted the issue to be escalated. The customer said, “I want a refund and to escalate it.” Customer service then responded with, “One thing is possible, let me escalate this concern.” The chat was then disconnected yet again.

The user then got reconnected and again disconnected, seemingly with an unresolved issue and no possibility of a refund.


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DoorDash screw in food customer service responsePhoto: Reddit

Redditors were quick to comment on DoorDash's bad reputation with customer service.

“‘Let me escalate this concern’ Leaves chat, successfully escalating concern,” wrote one person, whose comments were echoed by many others in the thread, making fun of the horrible service the customer recieved.


“You gotta understand, and we deal with this as drivers as well, DoorDash support is a room of 6 year olds in China using Google translate. It's futile. Chalk it up as a life lesson,” another person wrote, a comment encouraging the customer to not use DoorDash or other third-party apps that handle issues poorly.

The original poster explained that they only reported the issue to DoorDash because they wanted a full refund after their significant other bit into the screw. And it's no wonder, as their partner could have gotten seriously hurt.

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The customer reported the metal screw in their food to the Health Department after receiving no help from DoorDash.

In a follow-up post, the customer said they were being accused of making up the entire thing for free food, adding that the restaurant had no phone number listed and they didn't wish to walk into the location and cause a scene.


"Reported to department of health. End result, doordash eventually refunded me the total meal cost and extra $5 credit for the tip. Elevation team reached out but never responded to my follow-up emails," they wrote.

In the end, the customer handled the problem very well, but it's clear that DoorDash needs to work on their customer service response, especially to health violations like this.

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