A Bride's Dad Refused To Dance With Her At Her Wedding, But Another Man Stepped In — 'I'm So Grateful'

It's a moment that she didn't imagine would happen, but one that she'll remember forever!

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A bride was heartbroken at her own wedding after her father refused to share a first dance with her.

Before one of the happiest days of her life sank down to one of the worst, a very special guest stepped up to the dance floor and asked her if could lead her in her first dance. 

The bride’s father-in-law saved her wedding day by having a father-daughter dance after her father refused.

During traditional wedding ceremonies, the bride and her father are summoned to the dance floor to share a dance together to a song they chose. Midway through the dance, the bride’s father hands her off to dance with her new groom. The tradition represents the gratitude brides have for their father’s love and guidance, and allows the two to share a special moment of their own during the big day.


Like many new brides, Jess Anastasi was looking forward to sharing the father-daughter dance with her own father on her wedding day. Unfortunately, when the time arrived, her father refused to get up and dance with her. 

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“Little did I know that my dad would refuse to dance with me,” Anastasi shared in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 3 million times. “I waited my whole life and was so excited to dance with my dad on my wedding day. I was so heartbroken.” 


Thankfully, Anastasi’s father-in-law was not about to leave her devastated on her wedding day. He waltzed up to the dance floor and took her hand to lead her in a father-daughter dance.

The two embraced and danced slowly on the dancefloor. “Luckily my father-in-law stepped in without a second thought,” Anastasi added. “I’m so grateful to have married into such an amazing family.” 

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People were deeply moved by the bride’s father-in-law’s actions.

“He seized his moment for sure. That man loves you so much,” one user commented. “That dance is reserved for someone who loves you and supports you. Father is just a word. You absolutely danced with the right man!” another user pointed out. “You danced with the right man. The way he looks at you, you’re his daughter now,” another user wrote. 


Other users shared their own experiences of their strained relationships with their fathers, relating to her pain.

“I love this for you! My dad left my wedding without telling anyone and I stood on the dance floor alone confused, until my little bro came and danced with me,” one user revealed. “My dad left our wedding before the first dance and father-daughter dance, I know your pain,” another user commented. 

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In a follow-up video, Anastasi thanked people for their love and support on her now-viral video. She also revealed that she did not post the video to bash her family but as a grateful gesture dedicated toward her father-in-law who “stepped up” and made her feel “so much love on that day.” 




“It was a really heartbreaking moment for me,” Anastasi admitted, adding that she is “trying to move past it.” She clarifies that her father “caused a lot of drama” the week before her wedding, ultimately refusing to dance with her. 

According to Anastasi, she does not see or talk to her side of the family anymore. Luckily, TikTok users have reminded her that she now has a new family, and a loving new father, that she can always count on! 


“I am so sorry, Just know it's your family's loss. They are going to miss out on so many amazing things!!” one user commented. “I’m so sorry this happened to you. You’ve chosen your family and that’s worth more than blood,” another user noted. 

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