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Bride Who Made Bridesmaids Take A Workout Class On Her Wedding Day Gets A Mixed Response—'This Is My Nightmare'

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Most of our wedding days are filled with celebrating, dancing, drinking, eating and sleeping it all off the next day. Many of us could not fathom the thought of squeezing in exercise on such a chaotic day on top of all the other crucial events. 

One bride however proved otherwise and not only participated in a workout on her big day but also led the class that consisted of all her bridesmaids! Although she did not get the reactions from others she was anticipating. 

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The bride led an intense dance workout class with her bridesmaids the morning of her wedding. 

Kennedy Olson Hart from Utah decided to skip the mimosas and kick off her wedding day with a hardcore workout, taking all of her bridesmaids along.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 4 million times, the bride-to-be wears a white sports bra with matching gym shorts as she leads her bridesmaids, who are dressed in similar outfits only black, through what appears to be a dance and workout routine. 



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“POV: it’s your wedding morning,” Kennedy wrote in the text overlay of her video. She is seemingly ecstatic, as she cheers on her bridal party while doing jumping jacks. “I highly recommend!!” she captions her video.

While Kennedy seemed to be enjoying herself ahead of her special day, many other TikTok users did not agree with her approach to starting the morning. 

Some people argued that working out should not be incorporated into a wedding day. 

“This is my h-ll,” one user commented. “Absolutely not, we are drinking at 7 AM,” another user wrote. “Tell me that you don’t drink alcohol without telling me that you don’t drink alcohol,” another user added. “You guys are the kind of people that run marathons on Thanksgiving, aren’t you?” another asked. 

Others were mainly concerned about whether or not the bride and her bridesmaids would have time to have their hair and makeup done and if the workout would affect their spray tans.

“How are we doing this when the first hair appointment is at 5:30 in the morning?” one user joked. 

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However, others were in favor of Kennedy’s morning of wedding routine. 

“I would be down for this!” one user shared. “I would love to do morning yoga or something to get all the nerves out, this is actually so smart!” another chimed in. “It’s YOUR wedding day and you’re thriving!!” another user complimented. 

Although indulging in alcohol on your wedding day can alleviate stress, exercising is also highly effective. According to medical professionals, physical activity and exercise release endorphins that help you relax, boost your self-confidence, and decrease symptoms of anxiety. Any bride is aware that wedding day nerves are astronomical and would agree that they would take any measures possible to calm them. 

Even if you choose to drink that extra mimosa while preparing with the bridesmaids or getting in that morning workout like Kennedy, it is your day and whatever ways you choose to spend it is all up to you! 

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