Bride Furious After Learning One Of Her Bridesmaids Got Pregnant Before The Wedding Despite Demanding They Have Babies After

The bride questioned if she was being unreasonable for getting mad.

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Planning a wedding can be an extremely stressful feat, and many soon-to-be brides often have a vision of what they want their special day to look like.

For one particular bride, she made sure to let all the women in her bridal party know that she would prefer if they held off on getting pregnant before her big day. Unfortunately, one of her bridesmaids refused to listen.

The bride was upset after learning one of her bridesmaids was pregnant before the wedding despite being told to wait.

The entire debacle was originally posted by an anonymous bride to a Facebook group dedicated to weddings before someone took a screenshot and reposted it to the subreddit r/weddingshaming. In the post, the bride wondered if she was "being unreasonable."


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She acknowledged that while she doesn't have the power to stop anyone from getting pregnant before her wedding, she had made it very clear to the women in her bridal party that she would prefer if they waited until after the ceremony to get pregnant.

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"Several times before I even asked my girls if they were okay with waiting to have babies or another baby until after the wedding," the disgruntled bride wrote. "I just wanted no stress on [figuring out] if dresses fit correctly and whatnot."

Just a few months shy of her wedding, the bride was approached by one of her bridesmaids, who told her that she was pregnant. Of course, the news did nothing but upset the bride, who had made sure to tell all of the women her number one rule.

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"One of my bridesmaids hid it from me for a few weeks before she ever said anything and my wedding is a few months away. Am I wrong to be upset because she's making me feel like I am?" the bride questioned. "I'm happy for her but I just wish she didn't keep it from me and lie to me and expect me to still have her."


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In the comments section, people refused to side with the bride and agreed that she was being unreasonable.

"Most of my family and friends have had at least one pregnant bridesmaid. A couple had a pregnant bride. It is what it is," one Reddit user pointed out. "The bridesmaid knew that she would have to fit into the dress. Let her worry about fittings and whatnot."

Another user, who was part of the bridal party, shared that the bride was being called "entitled and selfish" by people in their friend group. "Absolutely everyone justifiably dragged her. She was called entitled, selfish, a bad friend; there was a lot of 'no one has to put their life on hold for a wedding' comments."


"You don’t have your friends in your wedding party for aesthetics. You have them there because they’re who you want by your side on one of the best days of your life. No matter what," a third user chimed in. "The attitude of some brides stink."

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