6-Year-Old Boy Writes 'Scathing' Letter To Teacher Calling Her A 'Crook' & A 'Thief' For Putting Him In A Time-Out

Has anyone done a wellness check on the teacher?

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After a kindergartener was put into the time-out corner by his teacher, he decided to let her know exactly how he felt about her decision in a horrifying yet hilarious letter to her. 

His parents were immediately called in for a parent-teacher conference to discuss their son’s choice of words. 

The 6-year-old boy wrote a ‘scathing’ letter to his teacher calling her a ‘thief’ and a ‘crook’ after she put him in time out. 

The letter was shared in a Facebook post by a co-worker of the boy’s mother. “My co-worker told us that she had to attend a parent-teacher conference because of a letter her son wrote to his teacher,” she wrote.


“She brought the letter to work and I almost fell out of my chair y’all. He actually deserves a little credit.” 

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“Dear Ms. Jones,” the letter begins. “I am angry at you because you took 25 of my hummingbird bucks all because I was talking to Conner.”


“Hummingbird bucks” are assumed to be tokens for good behavior given by the teacher to her students. “That’s no big deal, I’m only 6 I can’t be qyet all the time.” 

He then goes on to brand his teacher as a “thief” and a “crook.” “You are going to H–l real H–l the burning one because you are a thief. I worked hard for those bucks and my only prayer in chaple today was that god gets you to h–l fast superfast,” the boy writes. 

He adds that his teacher’s new haircut is “bad real bad” to really drive his points home. 

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Facebook users were unsure whether to laugh or to be concerned about the boy’s scathing letter. “This is cracking me up,” one user commented. “This made my day. Thank you!” another user shared. “Has anyone checked in on Ms. Jones? Did God answer his prayer,” another user wrote. 

Other users begged the teacher to give the boy back his “Hummingbird bucks” since he made it clear how much he wanted them. “She needs to give this baby back his Hummingbird bucks!! He went straight for the throat and told her where she was going! Keep calling out those thieves!” one user commented.

“Good on him for telling her that her new hair was crap!” another user added. 

The woman who shared the letter has yet to provide an update on how the parent-teacher conference went as well as the current status of Ms. Jones. 


As for the little boy, it appears that being a comedian or a career writing descriptive horror novels is in his future. 

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