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Newly Released Photos From Bob Saget's Hotel Room Show Headboard That May Have Caused Death & Alcohol Bottles

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Bob Saget, hotel bed

Authorities have released photos from the hotel room in which Bob Saget was found dead on January 9.

The stand-up comedian and “Full House” star suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in early January. His body was discovered by hotel staff at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida where Saget was staying while touring.

New information has come to light due to a release by the Orange County Sheriff’s office.

Law enforcement released over 50 photos of Bob Saget’s hotel room.

Following the discovery of Saget’s body in his hotel room many wondered as to the cause of the actor and comedian’s death.

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Orange County Sherriff's Office

Saget was 65-year-old and wasn’t believed to be at any abnormal health risk. Investigators believed that Saget had fractured his skull, and the autopsy report by a medical examiner confirmed this.

Bob Saget’s autopsy indicates that he died due to blunt force trauma to the head.

The actor and comedian’s death was said to be caused by an accidental injury likely caused by a fall.

Curiously, the medical examiner noted that Saget’s head trauma was, “most likely caused by something hard, covered by something soft.”

This created almost as many questions as it answered as many wondered what surface Saget could have possibly fractured his skull on that was both hard and covered with something soft.

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Orange County Sherriff's Office

This information came along with 57 photos of the hotel room that were released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which included images of both the carpeted floor and the padded headboard, among other things.

Other items that were visible in the photos include unopened alcohol on the minibar, Saget’s clothes in the closet, and a bottle of water next to the bed.

Reports claim that an empty vodka bottle was also discovered in the room.

Orange County Sherriff's Office

Many are looking for additional details that might lead to a conclusive series of events and cause of death for the beloved actor, but a permanent injunction granted by a judge at the request of Saget’s family likely means that what has been released to the public already is all that will ever be publicly released.

Saget's family had previously filed a lawsuit to block the release of photos, videos, and other records relating to Saget's death.

The family that the release of this information would cause them to "suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress."

Investigators believe that Saget’s death was the result of an accidental fall onto the carpet or headboard.

Interviews with those that spoke to Saget shortly before his death indicate that he was lucid and healthy and gave no indication that he was impaired or otherwise acting anyway but normally.

Unfortunately, that is all that is known about the death of Bob Saget. A family lost a father, and a country lost a beloved icon.

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