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Company Builds A Tiny Home Village In Their Office For Employees To Work In — Somehow People Think It's A Bad Idea

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Thanks to work-from-home, co-working spaces and modern advancements in work culture, the traditional office is almost a thing of the past.

Companies are moving away from row after row of cubicles and finding new ways to inspire comfort and productivity in the office.

One company is taking that quest for comfort to the next level by giving their staff members a home-away-from-home at the office — literally.

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A TikToker showed off the tiny home offices her boss set up in her workplace.

Kylie (@itskylie94) took her TikTok followers on a tour of her unconventional work set-up that features a series of brightly colored tiny homes in what looks like a village straight out of a Pixar film.



Kylie, who works for a property management company in Missouri, shows rows of homes and an artificial lawn, complete with flower beds and even a wheelbarrow.

In a later video, Kylie explains that the homes were built in an open-plan office building — not a warehouse as it appears — and there is even a staff kitchen among other features.

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However, some viewers we're not in support of the tiny home office setup.

While most praised Kylie's company and wished more bosses would replicate the setup, others had concerns about the lack of daylight and the expense.

“Companies will do literally anything but let you work from home”, wrote one user.

Critics questioned whether the funding for the office would hinder employees' raises or other bonuses.

However, Kylie stepped up to shut down the criticisms.

"The company that I work for is probably the most generous company that I have ever worked for in my entire life," Kylie explains, adding that she has worked for the company for 2 years.

Her bosses clearly know that makes sense that employers would be generous to their employees because that’s how they keep them! 

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Then she mentioned the plethora of “negative” comments, which show concern for the money and resources that could’ve been spent somewhere else with a more pressing need.

“The people that I work for are just amazing individuals. They are very kind, generous, and they donate to so many good causes,” she writes.

“They do more than just give to their employees.”

Kylie addressed a few comments that implied she wouldn’t get a raise because of the money spent on the tiny homes.

“People are so greedy. I would rather work for a company that genuinely cares about me than a company that pays me [a lot] of dollars and expects me to just be another number.”

“I love the company I work for. I get paid a decent salary.”

“Every office is custom designed to fit their personality,” she adds, mentioning that the castle she showed in the office belongs to the owner's wife. 

“Everybody loves the castle. Everybody has something to say about the castle.”

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Many requests prompted Kylie to make a video of her touring the office.

In another video, Kylie gave a tour of the whole office space where she worked.

There are hammocks, and fake shrubs with benches that make it look as if it’s a real town.



The kitchen area had a cute little red barn inside of it that was also dubbed as an office space. It was a large space with an oven and a refrigerator, and it looked like a kitchen in someone’s home, not an office.

"The hammocks! I'd love to see an up close of each one, how they decorate the inside, and why that style fits their vibe. I'm soo invested lol!" wrote one user.

Another said, "This is just the best thing ever. Could you imagine if more offices customized the workspace instead of generic cubicles!?"

Finally, she showed what her own tiny home office looked like.

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It was a large office space, with a brick red door and a chandelier inside. Kylie even had her own television.

“Farmhouse! Add a couch and tv in there too! A mini fridge too," wrote one user.

Another added, “Oooh I would do cottage core and have cookies all the time so everyone would come visit."

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