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This Photo Of A "Skinned" Watermelon Will Give You 4th Of July Nightmares

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In 2015, Mark Rober uploaded a video to his YouTube account that made eyes dilate around the country. No, it wasn't a video of anything gross per se (although some people did find it rather cringy), but it's a video of a completely skinned watermelon.

And I'm saying no. Just... no. I love watermelon just as much as the next fruit fanatic, but seriously, what the heck?

I think I'd prefer to have my watermelon with the skin still attached and try to forget this nightmare ever happened. But considering that the video now has over 100 million views (I guess there's a lot of fans of skinned watermelons out there), here we go.

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In his video properly entitled "Skin A Watermelon Party Trick," Rober explains how to achieve this so-called "party trick" with a group of kids who appear to be completely unfazed by this complete degradation of a beloved fruit staple. 

Also, you might be curious about what Rober's qualifications are here. Is he just your typical watermelon enthusiast, or is his goal here to try to unleash a new species of baby watermelon aliens to take over the world?

No, it's nothing that extreme, don't worry. Rober's actually a former engineer for NASA, so of course, he knows a lot about space where, coincidentally, aliens come from. Hmm... interesting.

Back to this watermelon party trick. Let's break down the steps, in case you can't wait to show all your friends your watermelon carving skills at your next party. 

The first step is to use two almost-identical watermelons. After cutting the skin off of one watermelon, there will still be a rough exterior on the fruit. Rober said it looked okay once the skin was off, but in order to complete this party trick, he wanted to make sure it was absolutely smooth, so there would be no trace of his work. 

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So, you might be wondering (or starting to cringe) how you get that super-smooth look? Well, you have to use dish scrubbing pads, of course.

Once you do that, you have to completely gut the second watermelon, cutting it up like you normally would. This watermelon can actually be eaten since you definitely won't want to eat the skinned one (heck no).

Yes, you can eat the watermelon horse pill (which is apparently easier to eat because there's no rind), but seriously, why would you want to?

Reassemble the smooth alien egg — I mean, "watermelon" — and voila! You're ready to creep out your partygoers.

If this is a "party" trick, I do not want to be at that party. Just saying.

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