Women Go Wild For Men Who Do These 6 Little Things

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First date giggles

You plan the perfect date, but your attitude is cocky or disdainful. That's a horrible date waiting to happen.

Plenty of things can go wrong on a first date, so don't forget the moves that make her know she is the center of your focus. These are the actions that can sweep her off her feet!

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Women go wild for men who do these 6 little things:

1. He offers to pick her up

This is a considerate move most people tend to forget.

We live in an era when most women are independent, but it’s still a nice and sweet gesture when you offer a ride and pick her up for your date.

It shows you're concerned about her safety, and it might make her feel special.

However, if she's uncomfortable with this offer, she may turn it down, but she will still appreciate your thoughtfulness.



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2. He opens and holds doors for her

This is a custom worth preserving.

Some women are offended by this because, for them, it means that men see women as inferior, incompetent, or too weak to open a door for themselves. Unless your date has expressed this belief, it's probably a gesture she'll appreciate.

Don't be afraid to offer. When you hold the door open for a woman, it demonstrates you're a respectful and wholehearted individual who has manners.

This will give you credit.

3. Actively listen when she's talking

Many women like to talk. Some people's attention spans can only focus on a few minutes of a story before their mind wanders.

That is why it is a huge factor when you listen actively and show interest in what's being expressed. Listen to her talk without interrupting, ask relatable questions, and give her your full attention.

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4. He messages or calls after the date

Be the one who isn't afraid to text after a date.

It can be a simple message asking if she got home safely or expressing that you had a good time on your date.

Regardless of what you may have been led to believe, you don’t need to play games and wait three days before sending a message.

You don’t want her feeling that you're ghosting her after your date, right? If you had fun and want a second date, you must tell her.

Women are often anxious about not being asked for a second date, so this dynamic works well.

5. He gives her honest compliments

After putting a lot of effort into fixing yourself up for a date, possibly taking hours to get ready, a compliment is appreciated. It lets her know she looks great, and her efforts weren’t wasted.

It will also give her a boost of confidence and will make her feel comfortable on your date. Compliment your date’s appearance, but don't be overt or drop innuendos. Compliment her personality and intellect as well.

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6. He offers to pay on your date

“Who pays on a date?” is the most commonly asked question in dating, which often invites heated discussion. Generally, when you ask someone out, you have expressed a responsibility to pay.

A woman may offer to pay or to chip in to show courtesy, but you want to show her she's important, and you want her to relax and enjoy her time.

Some women may insist on paying the bill or splitting it, so go ahead and respect her values. Dating is not a competition.



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