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Woman Shares The Marriage Proposals She Would Immediately Say No To Because They Are 'Tacky'

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Surprised woman getting a marriage proposal over romantic dinner at home

For some women, the perfect marriage proposal is something they constantly think about. It can often be a dealbreaker for whether or not they should marry a partner based on how they propose and if they really know what they like.

In a TikTok video, a content creator named Ameera shared some of the proposal deal-breakers that would immediately give her the ick and force her to decline.

She shared some of the marriage proposals she would say no to because they're 'tacky.'

Giving a disclaimer at the start of her video, Ameera admitted that she would say no to these because if you propose at any of these places, then you don't know her well enough to be marrying or just don't care enough to learn her likes/dislikes. She also claimed to find these places and these types of proposals to be "tacky."

"Number one, a restaurant," Ameera began. "I would immediately say no if I see a cliche Ganache chocolate piping on my plate saying, 'Will you marry me?' Or even worse, if you try to kill me by putting the ring in my food or drink."



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For the next type of proposal, Ameera said it would be beyond cringe if her boyfriend tried to propose to her at someone else's wedding ceremony. She explained that not only would she reject him, but she would also pour her drink over his head for good measure before she walked away. She pointed out that not only would this ruin a proposal but it would also ruin someone else's wedding day by taking away the attention from a newlywed couple and making it about yourself.

For the third type of proposal, Ameera doesn't want her future significant other to ever propose at a family function.

"Not only will I say no, but I will also stop speaking to every single family member that was in on it and told you it was a good idea," she said, arguing that families should be left out of marriage proposals altogether, at least for her, and the only person who would get a pass is the best friend since she'd know exactly what Ameera would want in a proposal and would even help plan it so it would be perfect.

"Number four, any place that requires physical exercise," she continued. "If I'm going to sweat, or if I'm required to wear any form of athletic wear, even if it's athleisure, don't propose to me there."

She insisted that marriage proposal photos are supposed to look cute, and since there will most likely be a photographer there, she would rather not be sweating and out of breath because her significant other wanted to go on a hike to the top of a mountain to propose.

And for the final dealbreaker, Ameera would refuse any kind of marriage proposal that happened in a bedroom or any room for that matter. She chalked it up to the idea being overdone, and would rather her future partner put a little more thought and uniqueness into his proposal.

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More women have admitted to finding that there is more pressure put on proposals nowadays.

A survey conducted by wedding planning website The Knot and the Da Beers diamond company, which consisted of over 300 women, found that 66% of women would rather have a private setting, and also preferred the engagement day to be pre-planned as opposed to elaborate public display’s or spontaneity.

The survey also found that 85% of women feel this generation puts more pressure on the proposal to be unique compared to the generation of their parents. Most women do want a diamond and are more involved in the selection of the engagement ring, with 96% placing personalized uniqueness ahead of diamond size.

Of course, every woman's preference is different and while some will agree with Ameera's list, others will disagree and say they want their future partner to propose in public, or they want an extravagant ring to show off to their family and friends.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is communication and understanding what your partner is looking for out of a marriage proposal. Listening to their likes/dislikes, their dream location, and who they want to be surrounded by when you inevitably pop the question are all things that need to be taken into consideration before doing it.

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