Woman Explains The 'Cavoodle Dating Method' She Invented That Can Guarantee Someone Will Become Obsessed With You

In today's dating world, we could all use a little help.

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Dating is tough — many call it a numbers game for a reason. The more people you meet and the more dates you go on, the closer you are to meeting your person. But what if you could make that one great date think about you all the time? It’d save you time, sometimes money, and a whole lot of heartache down the road. 

Well, TikTok creator Pheveya suggests there’s a method for doing so. A “tried and true” dating system that she made up herself after meeting her last boyfriend. “It’s called the Cavoodle Dating Method... and it’s changed lives.” 


Pheveya invented the ‘Cavoodle Dating Method’ to ensure the people she dates are ‘obsessed’ with her. 

We might be hyperfocused on asking all the right questions or not talking “too much” on a date; what if the secret to having a successful relationship after a great date is actually the opposite? What if you talked more about all the things you really love? 



When you talk about things that you're interested in, you not only light up, but those things start to serve as a reminder of you. When they’re walking down the street and see someone holding that matcha latte you rave about — they’re going to think of you. It’s just human nature. 


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Pheveya said you must constantly discuss your hobbies and passionate interests with your dates. 

“Step one: have something that you are extremely obsessed with,” she said. “For example, mine is Cavoodles. I’m obsessed with them, and I talk about them all the time. I unknowingly talked about them so much with an ex of mine … to the point where every time they saw one, they thought of me.” 

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Of course, it doesn’t have to be something that you actually find interesting — but she suggested keeping it as real as possible. If you’re talking about something with a fake obsession, chances are they’ll see right through it. 

Be your original, unique, and authentic self, and don’t be afraid to get excited about the things that you’re passionate about

The theory is that whenever your potential love interest sees or hears someone mention that thing, they’ll think of you. 

Pheveya absolutely loves the dog breed Cavoodles. She explained that not only did she talk about them all the time — at first unknowingly — to her dates, but to everyone in her life. The love of that particular dog became part of her personality and identity, similar to how it does with people obsessed with a specific artist or celebrity. 

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“Every single time [my ex] saw a Cavoodle … he would think of me,” Pheveya said. “He would send me Instagram and TikTok reels before we started dating. Fast-forward, I asked him what made him want to date me — he said everywhere he went, there was a Cavoodle, and he thought of me.” 

Not only does Pheveya's theory keep your date thinking about you when you're not around, but if things don't work out, it will keep you in their mind long after you separate.  For all the spiteful and vengeful daters out there, be sure to pick something niche enough that they think of you but familiar enough that they see it often. 



It might seem like a strange method, but if you’re genuine about your interests and talk with passion about something, it will stick with the person you're talking to. So, on your next first date or when you’re trying to liven up a stale situationship — keep the “Cavoodle Dating Method” in your back pocket. You never know — your secret hobby could be the key to your next great romance.


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