The 10 Best Places To Meet Women (That Aren't Tinder Or A Bar)

Here's where to head if you want to meet high-value women.

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If you wondering where to meet women, the truth of the matter is that you should be meeting and talking to women everywhere you go.

Yes, I know that’s quite a general statement. But there are more women than there are men in most cities, so women are literally all over the place.



Of course, if the idea of “everywhere” is too broad for you, it may help you know there are some specific places you are more likely than other to meet women you will find to be high-quality.


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It might require you to step outside of your comfort zone, but if you give some of the options in the list below a try, your chances of meeting the kind of woman you want to date should be pretty darn good.


Top 10 places to meet women (for men seeking a high-quality partner)

1. Ditch the takeout and try dine-in at a new restaurant.

Busy, single women don’t always like to cook for themselves. They think it’s too much of a hassle to cook for one person. This is why they need a boyfriend so they can have someone to cook for. Just kidding.

But the fact is that when they’re tired and hungry after work, single women are likely to dine out at a restaurant, either alone or with a girlfriend.

So if you want to meet a new lady, try out a different restaurant at least once a week.

2. Try a group fitness class at the gym.

Women who want to look and feel great are likely to love working out, and therefore tend to ffrequent gyms and exercise studios.


If you meet a woman at the gym, you can see what she really looks like when she’s all sweaty and sans makeup. If she looks good in exercise clothes, imagine how great she’ll look all dolled up!

3. Attend a wine tasting instead of your weekly sports bar meet up.

Wine tasting events are a great place to meet quality women because they’re the kind of gathering many women attend alone. Not all women have a plethora of girlfriends to go out with, which limits their extracurricular activities.

At these kinds of events, you're likely to come across women who are eager to experience new things, as well as women who appreciate a good glass of wine.

Plus, you can kill two birds with one stone: meet a great woman and learn something new about wine!


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4. Take a stroll through the park.

If you’ve walked by a dog park before, you’ve probably noticed that it was filled with droves of women. A dog park is a place to take advantage of, especially when the weather is still nice out.

You can tell your dog to start playing with her dog, and the rest is history. So if you own a dog, try out a dog park every so often.

5. Sign up for a networking event according to your interests.

Women who are active and enjoy being out and about join meet-up groups. Meet-up groups have events for virtually every kind of person and hobby.

Depending on what activities you love, you can pursue all of them.


6. Sharpen your culinary skills and take a cooking class.

Women who want to better their kitchen skills take cooking classes. A cooking class enables a woman to explore her culinary skills and have fun in a relaxed, low-pressure setting.

Go to a cooking class and you’re (almost) guaranteed to be the only man.

best places to meet quality women

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7. Swap out the corner store grocery run for a trip to Whole Foods.

Hands down, Whole Foods is the best grocery store to meet women in. For some reason, it caters to a beautiful crowd. It’s unlike Trader Joe's or Fairway. If you spend 5 minutes walking around, you’ll see tons of pretty, fit women.

So head to Whole Foods, even if you don’t love grocery shopping.

8. Join a tennis or running club.

Do you like tennis or running? Well, start to love them both. Tennis clubs and running groups are filled with active women.

Joining a tennis or running club is like a trifecta; you can see women in cute workout attire, better your sport, and get in great shape.


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9. Test your flexibility in a yoga class.

Yes, I know, yoga isn’t for everyone. Lots of men think it’s too feminine or too calm for them, but the practice has loads of health benefits... and it’s a fabulous way to meet women.

The majority of women who practice yoga are naturally pretty and in shape. It’s a bold statement to make, so go to a yoga studio and see for yourself.

10. Broaden your outlook on the arts and go to a museum.

When you head to a museum or art gallery, there are always new exhibits to view. If you’re meeting a woman at a museum, chances are she’s interesting, cultured, and can teach you something.


I mean, how sexy is intelligence?

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