Here’s What Experts Say Works Best When Trying To Meet Your Perfect Match

This is how you can successfully navigate the modern online dating world.

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After six months of coffee dates with women he met through an online dating site, Dave Prochnau was ready to give up on trying to meet his match.

But, then he spotted a profile that intrigued him.

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“I found [the woman] mysterious,” he said.

Barbara Allen had been on the same site for two years, which eventually prompted her to pare down her profile.

Prochnau and Allen, who live in a suburb outside St. Paul, Minn., first texted, then talked.

Eventually, Prochnau invited Allen to meet him at a coffee shop, where he was hanging canvases for a painting display.

Within two weeks, the expert at economics homework help says, they were in love.

If your dates are misses rather than hits, follow Dave and Barbara’s lead.

Here are three great expert-backed online dating strategies that can increase your odds to meet your perfect match.


1. Try before you buy

The online dating industry recognizes everyone, regardless of background, wants to pair up.

No matter which type of relationship you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to test the waters.

Amie Clark, who helps you to get project management assignment help and publishes articles about online dating sites, says, “Our advice is [to] try before you buy. Sign up for a free limited trial and browse the dating site before [you] make a financial commitment.” 

“Our research found [that] many dating sites are owned by the same companies. They seem to work about the same, but [they] cater to niches.” Clark also advises daters to“take the time and energy to put out there what [they] want back.”


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2. Commit to the process

When it comes to finding love, many busy millennials prefer online dating or dating apps.

Dating in the workplace is fraught with peril as mid-twenty-somethings who need law assignment help move along in their careers and the bar scene eventually loses its appeal.

Denys Crea, vice president of the Pairings Group, a relationship and matchmaking agency, says of online dating, “If you know how to cast a wide net, you will have fun and get results.”

“You have to treat [dating] like a business,” Crea insists. “Commit the time; set goals. Don’t mess around. Think about the qualities you’re looking for and really read the profiles to see if [your potential matches] have them.”


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3. Challenge yourself to meet in person

Spouses Treva and Robby Scharf, who host the “Done Being Single” podcast, see online dating as a crucial way for twenty-somethings to meet their perfect match.


“People would not be dating without [online dating]. It’s not easy to meet eligible people. But it has its drawbacks,” said Treva. “There’s so much selection that it can paralyze you or leave you dissatisfied, feeling like no matter who you choose, there might be someone better out there that you’re missing.”

The Scharfs advise daters to challenge themselves in order to make successful cyber connections.

Robby Scharf shared, “It’s ego-flattering when [you] see who contacted or swiped [you]. But [you] have to resist … spending [your] time with superficial back-and-forth messaging, instead of getting out there.”


That’s why the couple urges daters who click in an online connection to waste no time setting up a face-to-face meeting.

“Get out there. Meet quickly and find out if there’s real-life chemistry,” Robby added. “Don’t confuse online interactions with dating.”

If you’re struggling to find the perfect match online, turn to the experts and take their dating advice.

With your newfound perspective and motivation to find love, your “person” could be just a click away!

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