What His Hands Secretly Reveal About Your Love Compatibility

Take a close look at his lines.

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Discovering each other's unique personality traits, characteristics, cute quirks, and habits may show your compatibility in a long-term relationship. Luckily, however, with a little knowledge of the art of reading someone’s hands and fingers for clues as to their personality and relationship chemistry — you can get a good understanding of who he is pretty quickly.

You want to know if he’s the kind of man who will treat you well — with love and kindness — and make a great partner for you in the long run.


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Here's what his hands secretly reveal about your love compatibility.

1. He has a large Venus mount

The Venus mount is the pad of your palm directly next to your thumb. There are a lot of indicators you can discover by a man’s Venus mount; his appetite for physical intimacy, how introverted or extroverted he is, and how giving he can be.


The Venus mount should be somewhat large — certainly one of the largest areas of your hand — and plump enough to spring back if you press down on it. The larger the Venus mount, the more giving and voracious he is when it comes to physical intimacy.

If his Venus mount extends well past the middle of his hand, he’s also more outgoing and extroverted. He’ll have no problem holding your hand in public and going out with you to the club, either!

2. He has a long heartline


The heart line is the uppermost major line on your hand and typically runs anywhere from underneath the pinky finger toward the index or “Jupiter” finger.

If your new man’s heart line extends beneath his Jupiter finger, then he’s got a lot of emotional giving energy. He’s self-sacrificial, often putting others’ needs before his own. He may even be in a career that requires him to help people because he enjoys it.

If his heart line is long enough to reach Jupiter, he honestly means it when he asks how you feel.

3. He has a “Star of Neptune”


Just next to the Venus mount lies a small area above the middle of your wrist called the Neptune mount. This is the realm of deep, uncontrolled emotions.

Whenever someone has a “star” here, it means he’s well and truly connected to his inner emotions and is exactly the kind of person you’ll want by your side in any dark, trying times. If your new man has a Star of Neptune, he will act as a life preserver and bolster you when you need it most.

He’ll be there for you to lean on, and he can be trusted to support you when things get rough.

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4. He has a “Ring of Solomon”

In the Bible, King Solomon was considered a wise and intelligent king. It is no surprise anyone with a “Ring of Solomon,” a line that wraps around the Jupiter (index) finger, is someone inherently drawn to seeking truth. This means he will likely be empathic, as he can put himself “in” someone else’s situation and understand what they’re experiencing.

If your new boyfriend has a ring wrapped around his Jupiter finger, this is an emotionally intelligent man.


5. He has “Samaritan lines”

These lines, which take their name from the “good Samaritan” story in the Bible, are vertical lines near the Mercury or “little” finger.

When a man shows Samaritan lines on his hands, it suggests genuine care and concern for others. He’ll want to help people less fortunate than himself, maybe a big charitable donor, and spend his time volunteering for causes he cares about.


He’ll also bring this level of care to your relationship, too!

6. He has “healing stigmata”

Located closer to the palm than Samaritan’s lines, they are a marker for healing “talent” rather than just a sign of someone who wants to help others. These lines are four (or more) vertical lines next to each other, grouped as though they belong together.


The healing stigmata suggest that your man has a healing ability. He might take a job as a caregiver. Caregiving covers a bevy of areas, such as doctors, nurses, medical technicians, or special needs workers for adults and children alike.

Someone with healing stigmata is a natural nurturer and healer when it comes to helping solve pain and wounds.

7. He has a “radial loop” on his Jupiter finger


This is a “loop” type of fingerprint that opens to the thumb instead of toward the little finger. This is a less common fingerprint than the typical ulnar loop and is only representative of many different types of fingerprints found on the finger. In palmistry, your Jupiter, or “index” finger, indicates how you view yourself. The loops on this finger opening toward your thumb suggest an “openness” to other people.

If a guy’s finger shows this loop, it means he likes to be involved and participate in other people’s lives, a great thing to have in a relationship! He is less likely to be introverted as he will tend to spend time with other people as a way to relax. It means he will likely have a lot of friends to share his time with as well.


One of the most important aspects of new love is finding what they’re like when it comes to being empathetic to others, giving, and how kind they are. There are many ways people show their giving energy. You can be giving of your time, love, generosity, advice, money, activities, being there for someone in need, and the list goes on. While a lot of these may not show in his hands, you can see a surprising amount.

Knowing the positive qualities of your new partner and making sure they align with your needs and morals is important. Recognizing someone is a giving person with love and energy to lend is a heck of a lot more relevant to happiness than finding out if he’s a cat or dog person. (Even though the cat/dog question a good to ask, too!)

Learning about your new significant other can be fun! And by looking at what his hands tell you, you’ll get to know him right away.


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Cynthia Clark is a certified palm reading consultant and relationship expert, as well as the author of Stories in Your Hands.

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