5 Ways The Wisest Couples Revive Their Relationships During Dull Periods

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By Annie Gabillet

The conversation? Unremarkable. The intimacy? Less frequent. The terms of endearment? What endearment? The date nights? Nonexistent, and the two of you barely acknowledge each other on any night. How can you possibly fix this?

Your relationship has stalled, and it's time to give it a jump start. You don't want to give up on each other, but at the same time, you have no idea what to do. Where do you even start? The first step is recognizing there's a problem; now we've got some helpful pointers for getting back that sizzle and spark. These are some tips for recharging the love between you and your significant other.

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Here are 5 ways the wisest couples revive their relationships during dull periods:

1. Don't go to bed mad

Or annoyed, for that matter. The resentment can build, and you'll probably end up irritated by your partner without even remembering why, and this will just lead you to have a cranky morning. Resolve any minor issues before you go to bed, or resolve to let them go.

2. Flirt

Flirting can make you feel attractive and your partner desired. Give your guy a knowing look while you're brushing your teeth, touch his arm while you're chatting about your day, and give him a little wink mid-conversation. Even better, have a makeout session while you're watching a movie.

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3. Spend less time together

It might sound counterintuitive, but spending too much time with a partner can make you stop feeling desired. You have to be an independent person away from your relationship, so make plans with your friends, grab your book, and head to a cafe, or have a weekend to yourself. When you come back home to your partner, you'll have a fun little adventure to tell them about.

4. Compliment more than complain

If something genuinely upsets you, speak up. But make sure that's not the only time you share your feelings with your mate. Make an effort to express your appreciation for your partner with specific and sincere compliments, and I bet you he'll be more open to some of the concerns you have, too.

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5. Own your own happiness

Without knowing it, you might be taking out your life concerns on your partner. Addressing these frustrations will take pressure off your relationship.

If you hate your job, spruce up your résumé and start looking for a new one; if you find yourself super stressed, take up yoga; or if you'd love more platonic companionship, get to know people at work or join a social sports team. If your partner did something that upset you? Communicate it with them so they don't do it again. It's all up to you.

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