5 Ways To Train Your Husband To Do Basically Whatever You Want

Sneaky tactics that may or may not be manipulative.

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Perched on my mother-in-law's bookshelf is a book titled, The Proper Care and Keeping of Husbands. Coming across it one day, I couldn't help but snort at the title and, of course, the book's infamous author, none other than Dr. Laura, a woman who advises women to be intimate with their husbands whenever their men want it, even when they're not feelin' it. Classic. I don't believe in keeping husbands like one keeps a lap dog ... and so sorry Dr. Laura, but we're just going to have to agree to disagree on the intimacy thing. But on the other hand, maybe the woman is on to something when she talks about how to train your husband. Because let's face it, after seven years of marriage, I may be guilty of "training" my husband in a few sneaky ways.


Here are 5 ways to train your husband to do basically whatever you want:

1. Implementing visual cues

My husband has the uncanny ability to cram every last piece he can in the garbage bin until it's a leaning tower of trash. I don't know how he does it but the man refuses to take out the garbage and instead piles it higher and higher and higher, returning it underneath the sink for me to deal with. It used to drive me nuts and despite me asking him to kindly take the bag out, it would never happen. So imagine my surprise when instead of asking him to take it out, I simply took to bagging up the garbage and leaving it directly in front of the garage door so when he leaves for the day, he can't help but take it out if he wishes to open the door. Nary a word has passed between us, but what has changed? The garbage now gets taken out consistently.


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2. Using intimacy as a tool

Just kidding, no woman would ever do that to manipulate her husband.



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3. Doing the slow boil

Increase the water on the frog and you end up with delicious frog legs, right? Husbands happen to be no different. In my particular case, I wanted to make exercise an everyday part of my day without getting up at 3 AM to get it done. My solution was to start slipping in a quick workout before dinner, casually asking if it was okay until eventually, it became routine and my husband was left bewildered and alone in the kitchen with a boiling pot, wooden spoon, and four hungry children. (Kidding again — he's a really good cook, so he's not bewildered at all!)


4. Using food rewards  

Maybe whipping up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the week is a ploy, maybe it's not. I'll never tell. Is that a bell I hear ringing?



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5. Employing reverse psychology

Husbands are famous (well my husband is, anyway) for wanting to make their wives happy simply to keep the peace. Example: "Whatever you want for dinner, honey." It can be hard to uncover what the heck is going on in those handsome brains. So maybe I've used a little reverse psychology to get what I want. Men love a woman with brains, right?


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Chaunie Brusie is a Registered Nurse, writer, editor, and the author of the book, The Moments That Made You A Mother.