3 Ways To Give Off Intriguing Vibes (That Men Immediately Notice)

Find your inner glow.

Last updated on Feb 08, 2023

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It is a given fact that men are attracted to happy women. It’s refreshing for a man — especially for alpha men (the ones we are so head-over-heels with) — to be around an upbeat and positive lady who gives off good vibes.

Plus, you want to be happy for your own well-being, too.

Men can easily pick up on the vibes you're giving out. They naturally gravitate toward positive, upbeat women.

Conversely, men tend to pull away when you’re always wallowing in sinking feelings.


It boils down to this: Happy women naturally attract men, and sad women naturally repel them.

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A lot of women think smiling and laughing are signs of happiness in a man's eyes.

The truth is, these actions are not enough to give off a positive impression. In fact, it's totally possible to have a calm face, but still give off an aura of happiness.


Even a blank facial expression can exude joy.

A truly happy woman is one who emits positive vibes that come from within herself. 

So how can you become so radiantly happy that a man notices your inner glow and optimism?

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Here are three ways to give off intriguing vibes (that men immediately notice):

1. Cultivate a light-hearted attitude

She is optimistic, soft in nature, calm, and collected. This is the contrast of a ball-busting woman who always seems to be wearing full battle gear and is ready for war.

A positive woman isn’t easily irritated or triggered by events, surroundings, or people.


She views life and the world through a positive lens that makes her see everything from a beautiful and optimistic perspective. She avoids negativity and doesn't make close-minded remarks or judgments — about herself, her man, or others.

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2. Lean into compassion

A happy woman is someone who is devoid of judgment. She has learned to accept herself fully and thus, is accepting of others.

She always comes at life from a place of compassion and understanding and accepts her man fully — warts and all. She doesn’t point fingers at him and say things like,  “You should be more like this ..." or "I wish you would change this ..."


A truly happy woman is the person with the least number of “shoulds” because she gracefully accepts her man as he is and is pleased with what he can offer her and their relationship — otherwise, she wouldn't choose to be with him.

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3. Don't allow one single trait to define you

She is not so much concerned with what a man does or doesn’t do. While this may sound counter-intuitive, it's because she always believes in her worth and is grounded with the fact that she is loved (and loves herself!) no matter what.

That's why she feels comfortable when her man hangs out with friends, or even when he misses a day of conversation with her from time to time. She encourages him to have his "me time" and is understanding of his passions.


And despite his occasional need for independence, she still welcomes him with open and loving arms and a smiling face — because happy women don't make a man the center of their lives. They have too much else going for them.

So if you are constantly having relationship issues, then it's time to do some self-reflection and take a look at your inner happiness meter.

Women are the emotional leaders in a relationship, which is why happy women have happy relationships.


Like attracts like. 

So focus on your inner happiness first in order to finally achieve the happy and fulfilling relationship of your dreams.

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Gem Villamin is a love and life coach and feminine energy healer.