Want Him Back? Say These 6 Little Words — And He's Yours

Can you get your ex to fall back in love with you?

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"Why would you want your ex back? Your ex is your ex for a reason." That’s what I sometimes hear when I tell broken-up couples that I help to get back together. And most times, they’re right. Many people who want their ex back are desperate to get back together because they feel lonely, rejected, or feel damage to their self-image when they are dumped. And the highest good for those people is to heal their hurt and find someone who will truly love them. But then there’s that one-in-a-million couple. That couple feels like they have a cosmic connection, like the person they were with really was their one and only — their soul mate.


But sometimes, these couples get off-track because neither one of them knows how to make a relationship work. So they hurt each other by mistake, then they get defensive and before they know it, their other half is halfway out the door. It’s for those couples that I work with to help them get back together. Why? Because true love is worth fighting for. 

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If that’s you and your ex, there are 6 magic words you can use that will help you understand what it takes to get them back. Understand, that getting your ex back is a difficult task. And the ironic thing is that the more in love you were, sometimes the harder it is to get back together — it’s more dangerous. But after 9 years of helping couples get back together, it’s the people who use these 6 Magic Words that consistently get the best results. The reason these are Magic Words is because they sneak in behind your ex’s defenses and you get them right in the feels. There is one mistake people make when trying to get their ex back that you should avoid: changing their ex's mind. They say things like:


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  • "I’m sorry. Things will be different this time"
  • "But we’re made for each other"
  • I’ll change."

But this never works for one simple reason: Your ex doesn’t believe you. They know that you’d say anything in the world to end the pain you’re going through so those types of statements just come across as good old-fashioned manipulation

But if you want something that can work, remember these 6 magic words: "Change their mood, not their mind." Rather than trying to convince them to get back together, which will never work, work on changing how they feel. All you need is a foothold, a place to get started.


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Don’t try to change how they feel about you all at once. Don’t try to change how they feel about you at all. Let them be angry, hurt, and resentful. That’s okay because you probably feel that way too. And weirdly, when you can both be honest about feeling the same way (even when that way is negative), it brings you closer. But you can begin to give some fresh air into the suffocating prison of your relationship by focusing on something else that will give them (and you) relief from the constant pressure you’ve been going through.

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Michael Griswold is a dating coach and writer focusing on love and relationships. He has a Ph.D. in relationship and breakup psychology.