If You Want To Get Your Ex Back, Follow 'The Platinum Rule'

How to win his heart back.

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To make your ex-boyfriend want you back, you’ll have to do things differently than most women do. Of course, this is something most women don’t do because they don’t know the most important rule about how men value women. For the sake of this conversation, we’ll call it "The Platinum Rule." 

To get a man back, women do the same things; maybe you’ve seen them do this yourself — they cry, say they’re sorry, promise to change, and sometimes throw themselves at the guy. When we look at those things in the stark black and white of the page, we can see just how unattractive that behavior is and why it will never work. So what should a woman do instead to win her boyfriend back?


First, understand that The Platinum Rule is simple and totally common sense. But even though it’s common sense, it's not common practice. Also, understand that men value respect even more highly than they value love. 

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The Platinum Rule is that a man only wants to be with a woman he respects. 

Now it starts making sense why most women are going about getting their ex-boyfriend back entirely the wrong way. All the remorse, appeal, jumping through hoops, and apologies are a waste of time if those behaviors make the men they love lose respect for these women.

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That sort of behavior just creates the opportunity for an ex to only want to sleep with you and then get rid of you. Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, conduct yourself in a way that commands his respect and demands respect for yourself

When you do this, you become the girl he wants in the long run versus the girl who had to leave before his alarm went off. Violating this Platinum Rule can only result in the opposite, leaving you feeling used, embittered, and confused. Look, if you want him to want you back, if you want to make him feel that thrill of desire for you again, if you want him to crawl over shards of glass to be with you again, you have to follow The Platinum Rule.

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And look, there’s some good news here in the midst of this breakup. Believe it or not, if you use The Platinum Rule to make your ex-boyfriend want you back, you can continue to use it to make him want to commit to you and only you

That's why this rule is truly platinum — when you behave in a way that makes him respect you, you make him feel like you're the only woman who gets him.

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Michael Griswold is a dating coach and writer focusing on love and relationships. He has a Ph.D. in relationship and breakup psychology.