10 Very Good Reasons You Should Flirt With A Married Man

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Before getting your moral molars all impacted, let me make clear that I'm NOT endorsing having an affair or ruining a perfectly good marriage (or an imperfect marriage, for that matter). If a man truly loves his wife, nothing can tear him away from her, not even your impeccable flirting skills.

Whether you're single or taken  —flirting is fun.  

Look, getting hitched definitely helps out in the taxes and health care departments, but married social life begins to feel like a blur of "dinner at the Newman's" and "mommy nights out."

We already know that flirting at the office helps women get ahead and is actually a great form of substance-free spirit-lifting.

Unlike flirting with single blokes, hair flips and deep conversations with married guys aren't automatic green lights for either of you making a move.

Here are 10 very good reasons you should flirt with a married man:

1. It's a confidence booster

Flirting with an unavailable man can make you feel good about yourself without any pressure to "seal the deal"—or face any sort of actual rejection. If he makes an unwanted move, you can always say "You're married! I didn't think this was going anywhere!"

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2. It's good practice

You can try out crazy pick-up lines, and silly stories and generally act however you want without worrying that he thinks you're a fool.

3. It's like charity

Batting your lashes at him can make an off-the-market man feel good about himself. (This will only appeal to the altruistic among us.)

4. It's something to do

Sometimes social gatherings are so dull, it's either flirt with this guy or punch out that chick who will not stop talking about her Christian Louboutins.

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5. Other men will notice

Coy smiles at Mr. Married will make you seem more in demand to Mr. Single. Translation: This helps get that guy from way over there to come over here.

6. It will help catch cheaters

Entrapment. Save his wife the trouble of finding out later in life that he's a scoundrel. (Again, only for altruistic souls.)

7. It could get you some dream action

It might improve your (solo) sex life: Sir Wedlock could be a new addition to your fantasy repertoire.

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8. It might help you find the one

Hey, he might have a cool, available friend who's super into forwarding women who aren't afraid to chat up married guys.

9. For the banter

Exchanging witty banter allows you to enjoy meeting someone new and feed your brain with interesting conversations. (Duh!)

10. Free alcohol

Drinks don't pay for themselves, ladies.

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