5 Unconventional Relationship Tips From An Almost-Nun

How I went from studying in a convent to helping people solve their intimacy issues.

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Relationships aren’t always easy. After all, everyone has their quirks, traumas, fantasies, desires, and icks. After growing up abstinent and studying to become a nun, I learned about romantic relationships the hard way, diving headfirst into a world that I knew absolutely nothing about. I felt like I was in a race everyone else had gotten a huge head start on. I found myself doubting my self-worth.


So, I did what any nerd would do, and I studied everything I could about relationships, intimacy, and human desire. This thirst for knowledge not only led me down the path of creating my own cannabis sexual wellness company but also allowed me to find my confidence within relationships, both sexually, and otherwise. So, in the spirit of never gatekeeping, here are my top tips for any romantic relationship.

Here are 5 unconventional relationship tips from an almost-nun who was once going to join the Convent:

1. Roll with the curveballs

Life has a funny way of turning out unexpectedly. I mean, here I am creating THC-infused sexual wellness products instead of wearing a Habit. I know it sounds like the setup for a bad joke. But hey, life's unexpected twists and turns are what make it interesting. When it comes to relationships, learning to roll with the figurative punches as a team is crucial (keyword here being team). Whether it's navigating through rough patches or embracing unexpected opportunities, being flexible and adaptable is key to weathering the storms together.


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2. Talk the talk

Ah, communication — the age-old secret sauce of successful relationships. I can't stress this one enough. From sharing your deepest desires to hashing out disagreements, open and honest communication lays the foundation for trust and intimacy. So, don't be afraid to speak your mind and listen with an open heart.

Remember, communication isn't just about talking; it's about truly understanding and connecting with your partner on a deeper level. Talk about your deepest desires, your insecurities, things you want to try, and what you like and don’t like, sexually, or otherwise. Likely, your partner isn’t a mind reader, and even if they are, we all need a little extra help understanding sometimes. You may be surprised at how much closer it brings you. 

5 Relationship Tips From A Cannabis Sexual Wellness Entrepreneur Who Was Once Going to Join the ConventPhoto: Drazen Zigic / Shutterstock


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3. Treat yourself

Self-care isn't selfish — it's essential. As someone who's danced on the brink of burnout more times than I can count, I've learned the hard way that taking care of yourself is non-negotiable. Set aside time to pamper yourself, indulge in your favorite hobbies, and recharge your batteries, both on your own and with your partner. When you prioritize your well-being, you show up as the best version of yourself in your relationship.

4. Find your common ground

While opposites may attract, shared values are the glue that holds relationships together. Take some time to explore what matters most to you and your partner. Whether it's a shared love for adventure, a mutual celebrity crush, or a joint obsession with cheesy romcoms, finding common ground strengthens your bond and fosters a sense of unity. Plus, it gives you something fun to geek out over together.

5 Relationship Tips From A Cannabis Sexual Wellness Entrepreneur Who Was Once Going to Join the ConventPhoto: fizkes / Shutterstock


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5. Adventure awaits

Life is an adventure, so why not embark on it together? Whether it's trying out new activities, exploring new places, or tackling challenges as a team, shared experiences create lasting memories and deepen your connection. So, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. If you need a little advice on where to start, you can always head to ohlavinia.com to find a little something to spice things up in the bedroom. After all, the best stories often begin with "Remember that time we...?" 

Relationships are like a rollercoaster ride — full of twists, turns, and unexpected thrills. By embracing life's uncertainties, communicating openly, prioritizing self-care, finding common ground, and embarking on adventures together, you will have the tools you need to build a strong and resilient bond. But, always remember, it takes two to tango. While it will never always be 50/50, relationships are about each partner putting in the work. Be sure to find someone who makes you feel like you’re worth that and more. After all, you are. And, if all else fails, there’s always the convent.


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Katie Enright has been featured in Forbes, Insider, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Star, and is committed to destigmatizing cannabis and sexuality.