5 Tiny Ways Practicing (Real) Magic Can Spark Your Love Life

How to use magic to bring true love into your life.

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Working with your energy to manifest your desires — that's the foundation of real magic.

The idea of practicing magic for your love life is to shift your vibe to the highest frequency so that you're the most magnetic to attract what you want.

Just to be clear, this is about managing your energy, not someone else's. These are not love spells that will make someone fall for you (like the guy you're crushing on).


The best kind of love is with a partner who's naturally drawn to you because of your true, authentic self.

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Here are 5 ways practicing real magic can spark your love life:

1. Feel the love now

No matter what method you choose to attract love, the most important element is to know how you'll feel when you find it. That's how you level up your vibration to be a match for your heart’s desire.



This goes back to the Law of Attraction, which states, "Like attracts like." In other words, embrace and hold the energy of what you want as if it's true and happening right now. That's how you attract the love you’re seeking.


If you don't know how you'll feel when you're in love with an amazing man, then focus on getting that clarity.

Nothing else is more powerful when manifesting love as being in touch with your feelings about it.

2. Create a "love corner"

This practice comes from the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. The first step is to identify the "love corner" in your bedroom. This is the farthest right corner from where you enter the room.



Choose a surface you can build the altar on. You might place it all on a tray or doily or something to designate a special space.


Then, add pairs of things like two pink candles, two candlesticks, love birds, hearts, crystals, or anything that represents love to you.

With paired items, be sure to put them side-by-side. According to Feng Shui principles, if you want to attract love and become a couple, make sure similar items are next to each other.

To give the area energy, you might periodically light the candles, say a prayer, or take a few moments to connect deeply with those feelings of love discussed above.

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3. Try some "sugar bowl magic"

This is one of my favorite love spells. It's so simple.

You'll need a sugar bowl or jar with a cover, sugar, a pen, paper, and rose quartz.


First, think about what you want to attract. For example, you might want lasting love with the right man. Write this on a small scrap of paper, along with three qualities you want in the relationship, like fun, supportive, growing, respectful, loving, and so forth.

Roll the paper up tight to make sure it becomes a tiny scroll and place it in the bottom of your sugar bowl.

Add a couple of small rose quartz crystals if you like. Next, cover with any kind of sugar. Then, stir it and say what you wrote aloud, and finish with, "This or something better."

Place the cover on the bowl or jar.

I use my real sugar bowl and do this daily. Or put your jar on your love altar or kitchen windowsill and stir weekly. Whatever feels right to you.


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4. Write a letter to your future partner

This is your opportunity to communicate with your future partner or husband directly.

Buy a wedding card (or Valentine's Day or some other romantic card) and write a note to this important person as if you were in a relationship now.

Express how much you appreciate their qualities and how just being with them has opened your life.

This is a beautiful exercise to get you in touch with the relationship of your dreams.

When you finish writing, put the card in your love corner and go back and read it periodically to refresh this vision in your mind and body. It's a great way to reinforce your love vibes.


5. Try vision-board journaling

At this point, practically everyone knows how to create a vision board, which is a powerful manifesting tool and real magic. However, taking this one step further, you can build more energy by making this an art journaling practice.

If you enjoy being creative without the pressure of making the perfect piece of art, this is for you.

Get a spiral-bound journal with heavier drawing paper, so that it can handle a bit of paint and paste. Then, begin by thinking about what your big vision board would include.


Then, think about how you might make individual boards on separate pages to cover a variety of aspects of what you want to attract. You might have one for dinner dates, another for outdoor activities, and another for intimate moments.



There's always another loving theme to explore and every page you add builds the energy of attraction.

The beautiful thing is that while you are creating a page about your loving relationship, the more fun you have this activity, the higher your love vibe rises.


You might do this weekly or take time over a weekend to get several pages finished. This gives you a head-start on creating an inspiring vision board journal.

Embrace the energy of each page after completing it and allow that to permeate your energy field. The more time you spend in the energy of love, the more attractive you are to it!

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is an Intuitive Coach, Past Life Reader, and author of six books. She’s the creator of the free audio course How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Get an Answer Within 24 Hours. She's been published on ABC, BBC, and NPR.