4 Tiny Ways A Man Can Be Better Than 95% Of Other Husbands

How to better yourself to better your marriage.

Last updated on Dec 09, 2023

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The coronavirus has not only been wreaking havoc with your health and the economy but it's done a number on relationships, too. The social distancing that was put in place for the entire country has done two things.

It has either isolated you from your partner, thus creating further distance and anxiety; or the attachment has caused constant stress, forcing you to re-evaluate what you need from your partner.


Gentleman, if your relationship has taken a hit and you're not clear about what you need to do, here are 4 things you get you back on track in understanding what your spouse needs.

Here are 4 tiny ways a man can be better than 95% of husbands:

1. Practice open communication

Open communication needs to occur regularly and frequently if you want to get back on track.



If you haven't been communicating openly during this crisis, it may give your spouse the signal that the relationship is coming to an end.


And if you want to start to regain a healthy relationship, open communication is the first order of business. Open communication will help you strengthen the respect you have for one another. It will also help you be more transparent with your partner.

Open communication will also help you avoid miscommunication, because fewer things will go unsaid, helping your spouse feel more secure. It will also make you feel better since you can get things off your chest and communicate with less stress.

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2. Honesty is still the best policy

During this time, being honest with your partner gives them a great deal of comfort.


This will bring back the positive energy that will make your relationship thrive while reducing those future ups and downs.

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3. Start taking responsibility for your part in the relationship

Doing this can be a major game-changer for your relationship — especially if you weren't comfortable doing this in the past.

By taking ownership of your actions, you're showing that you can be vulnerable, which in turn can help her do the same.



The best way to start taking ownership is done in 3 Steps:

  • Be self-aware
  • Apologize
  • Understand that what you do affects your spouse

You also have to stop taking the blame for things you didn't do. It's counterproductive to the two topics we discussed earlier, open communication and honesty.

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4. Work on rebuilding trust

If you're able to tackle the first three things, their trust in you will increase.

Some important things that you will need to keep in mind are to make sure you actively listen to your partner when it comes to open communication because that's the main component.

If you have to apologize for your actions, make sure to act on those words.


And finally, be patient! Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t get better overnight.

If you continue to work on your relationship, you will be in a much stronger place.

By taking these steps now, you'll repair the damage that has occurred in your relationship. Your spouse will truly understand that not only do you physically fill their needs, but you mentally fill them as well.

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