8 Tiny Ways To Make A Person Want You From The Moment They Meet You

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When looking for a partner or job, it is essential to give off a great first impression because it is the first impression that determines how the relationship will develop. This stems from our ancestors who had to rely on their basic instincts to survive. We still use the same technique. It's subconscious and challenging to change our opinion about our first impression of a person or establishment. Because it's hard to see your first impression, ask family and friends for feedback on these eight things.

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Here are 8 tiny ways to make a person want you from the moment they meet you:

1. Dress well.

The first thing people notice is the way we dress. Therefore, ask your friends (or stylists) what they think about your clothing style. Ask yourself, "Is my clothing style in harmony with who I truly am and what I want to show others?"



2. Don't talk about religion or politics as a conversation opener.

Laughing and joking are a great way to break the ice in a new situation, but be careful with the jokes you tell. Somebody can take offense or doesn't share the same sense of humor as you do. The same counts for swearing or talking about religion or politics.

3. Pay attention to your body language.

Communication is primarily done through body language: how you move your arms or tilt your head. Those are little clues you give off on how you perceive the interaction you are in.

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4. Smile.

Smiling is contagious. When you smile, the other person will smile back. It tells them, "I am a friendly, safe person. Don't be afraid." This gives you an open and approachable appearance that will make people gravitate to you.

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5. Talk about something you know.

When you talk, talk about something you know. When you want to contribute to a conversation where you do not know about the topic, ask questions.

If you pretend you know something and don't, you make yourself look like a fool. Keep in mind, that nobody knows everything, but asking questions gets you involved, and you may learn something.

6. Be genuine.

Be genuine and show the real you. Nothing is more attractive than somebody real. It gives the other person permission to do the same and is a great foundation for a lasting relationship. 

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7. Let someone know in advance if you're in a bad mood.

We all have good and bad days so it's beneficial to let somebody in on your mood. You don't need to explain in detail, but you can say: "If I come over as grumpy or anti-social, I'm sorry, there's just a lot going on right now that doesn't go well, and it has nothing to do with you."

8. Make your home inviting.

When you have a clean counter, floor, and washroom, de-cluttering the space goes a long way. No need to scrub the place within an inch of your life or have impressive art hanging on the wall.

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Ellen Nyland is a certified life coach and the author of "Life is Great Even When it Sucks." Her work focuses on helping people grow and get out of their comfort zones.

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