16 Tiny Ways Honest Communication Will Solve All Your Problems

Having good communication will make all the problems in your relationship disappear.

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Once you truly understand what it means to be honest, you can start using honesty to make your relationship better. You’ll have a greater appreciation for what you already know in your gut — that being honest is preferable to being dishonest. After all, "honesty is the best policy" and honesty is what all the good stuff of being in a relationship is built upon. So, what does honesty mean? According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of honesty is as follows: "Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct,"  or "Adherence to the facts."


But no one is honest all the time. We tell lies, including little "white lies," because we want to avoid conflict, punishment, or making the person we’re lying to unhappy. And in general, we tend to lie fairly frequently. Research done by Dr. Bella DePaulo showed that dating couples lie to each other about a third of the time, while married couples lie to each other in about 1 of every 10 interactions. Yet, if you can increase honesty and bring effective communication into your relationship, you will reap some pretty serious benefits. So, how does being honest help make your relationship and your life better?


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Here are 16 tiny ways communication can solve all your problems:

1. You will feel more secure in your relationship

One of the best parts about being in a healthy relationship is how safe it feels.



2. You will feel that your relationship is a haven and buffer between you and the rest of the world

You're not alone anymore, you have someone by your side against the world.


3. You will feel confident enough to take the risks necessary to grow and achieve your goals

Having someone help you get out of your comfort zone is a lot easier than trying to do it yourself.

4. You will know that you are on the same page

Setting relationship expectations will only make it easier.

5. You will feel more comfortable with each other

It's a beautiful thing to let someone else be vulnerable with you.

6. You will have fewer if any, serious and harmful breaches of trust

A relationship without trust isn't a relationship at all.

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7. You will know that you both choose to be together

Love is a feeling as much as it is a choice. Both people have to make that choice for love to last.




8. You will be more ready and willing to hear the truth which will allow you to truly know each other

Getting to know the person you love and knowing that they're not hiding anything from you allows for a more intimate relationship.

9. You will chat about things as they come up instead of letting things fester

You don't let resentment build but talk to each other instead.

10. You will be more patient with each other

Patience is necessary to get through the difficult times with your partner.


11. You will feel free to be honest with your reactions

Your partner will know what to do and not to do when you openly tell them about how you feel and react to things they do.

12. You will no longer feel the need to be a mind reader because you trust your partner to tell you their truth

No more playing games and wondering what your partner is thinking because they'll just tell you.

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13. You will feel less need to judge your mate

Everyone is a human being with flaws, and once you realize that about your partner, you won't be as quick to judge them.

14. You will be more able to lovingly give each other space when it’s needed

It's important to be independent in a relationship, and not feel offended when your partner needs some alone time.


15. You will feel less fearful about admitting to your partner when you’re wrong or make a mistake

You can't go through life without making mistakes and hurting people. So when it happens with your partner, because you two communicate, you'll be able to admit you did something wrong without feeling anxious or scared to.

16. You will be able to turn to each other with your problems — big or small

Having someone to vent to without feeling judged or annoyed is a rare thing, and it's a lot easier to work through problems with a partner rather than doing it all alone. The benefits of having good communication skills in your relationship might seem too good to be true. That’s because you’ve not put forth the effort to speak your truth consistently before. You’ve fallen into the habit of lying and deception, at least occasionally, because you want to avoid conflict, punishment, or making your partner unhappy.

The benefits are achievable, though. And as with any work towards a healthy relationship, these benefits will take you some effort to achieve. It can be tough to share your thoughts and feelings with complete honesty, especially with your partner whom you want to make happy. But, telling the truth isn't just a behavior, it’s a complete way of living and being in your relationship. And, the importance of communication with your partner, can't be emphasized enough. 

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Lisa Lieberman-Wang is a relationship expert and creator of Neurological Associative Programming (NAP).