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About Lisa Lieberman-Wang

For over 25 years my passion has been guiding people to Emotional Health by Breaking Through the Barriers that weigh them down to live an Authentic Life, Happy, Healthy & Free - no matter how successful they already are - in the areas that matter most: their health, relationships, career & finance.

As a success strategist, emotional breakthrough expert and creator of the neuroscience Neuro Associative Programming (NAP), I help women and some brave men learn to “F.L.Y” First Love Yourself, to realize they can live an even happier life now, stop depression, emotional eating and other forms of self-sabotage including alcohol and spending. Our team of professional advisers have all walked the path before and came out the other side, today to serve others.

As a former corporate executive and entrepreneur for years I still never felt good enough or worthy. I would binge eat and purge multiple times a day. If it wasn’t food, it was shopping or quick fixes to feel better. Either way I found a way to self-sabotage. When performing at such high levels the idea of telling anyone would strike terror if people really knew. Thirteen years of traditional therapy and self-help did not work. I finally found a way to resolve my challenges without years of shame, blame or therapy. Having over 25 years of abstinence from hurting myself I am able to help others do the same.

I spent the last twenty five years studying human psychology, neuroplasticity and neuroscience from some of the greatest known minds in the world to identify the root causes for all problems and created NAP. It is the programs that we install in our being that we can remove, change or upgrade to a better operating system. If we can program computers to do what people do, then we can program ourselves to do what other successful people do in different situations.

Thousands of people helped make my book FINE to FAB a #1 Best Seller helping people every day live an authentic life now. It's over 25 years that I've gone from feeling F.I.N.E (F*@%’d Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional) to being F.A.B. (Fabulous Awesome, Beautiful). I understand there are many successful women and men out there having the same types of struggles who need a safe place, where they can find solutions. I can help.

★★ TV Guest or Appeared on or Keynote Speaker: ★★
CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, The CW, CGNT, WLIN, Huffington Post Live, MSN, PopSugar, EmpowHer and WSJ. Spoke at Harvard University, US Navy, Ladies America, Women Leading the Future, among others.

Today I help transform individuals to stop self-sabotage so they can live an authentic life now, happy, healthy and free! I run 10 week transformational programs and weekend retreats. In addition, I lead workshops in many settings from leadership programs to women's conferences, corporate teams and keynoting.

★★ Need Help? Book Me Now FREE Consultation and Discovery Call at www.FINEtoFABConsult.com ★★ Visit me at: www.finetofab.com

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