8 Tiny Seduction Tips Guaranteed To Make Her Yours

Commit to getting to know her.

Last updated on Apr 23, 2024

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Seduction follows certain rules and it should be fun, but it is not a game. It is a vital part of building relationships. If you are emotionally disengaged and view it as a game, you will likely get rejected, rejection will happen enough as it is as you gain experience. With practice, you get better at interacting with women over time. Michael Jordan wasn't the world's greatest basketball player the first time he picked up a basketball, and you won't be the world's best person on a date the first time you go out on one. But, the more you do it, the better you will be, so keep at it.


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Here are 8 tiny seduction tips guaranteed to make her yours:

1. Cultivate desire

Be authentic with her, so she will imagine you understanding her in any situation. When you are together, show her aspects of your personality you are most confident in.

2. Impress her

Demonstrate how you are admirable without bragging or listing every achievement. It could be your success at work, the way you help people, or how you treat her. Know what she likes and do that for her, even if at times it means sacrificing a little on your end. When she sees your effort, she will be impressed and consider telling you more about herself.


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3. Show her you're into her

Make her feel special so she does not want to lose you. Unless she complains of you overwhelming her, continue to demonstrate your authentic feelings for her. When she feels safely wanted, she will want to spend more time with you.

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4. Be mindful of your tone in the conversations

When you are talking on a date, you should keep the conversation light and interesting. Be sure never to do any of the following:

  • Tell her about your problems
  • Talk about the job you hate
  • Bring up any "issues" you are experiencing

Whatever you have that's not working in your life, put it aside so it doesn't flow into your conversations with her.



5. Use humor

Tell jokes that will make her laugh without ridiculing other people. Observe how she reacts. If she responds well and shows interest, you are a step closer to spending more time with her.


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6. Let her feel you

Touch her if she says it is OK. Most people love to be touched in a consensual way, on the face, the neck, or around a shoulder. Connect when you can and do not rush her. Be a gentleman and avoid over-touching.



7. Understand her needs

Be willing to do what pleases her. Ask her what she enjoys and finds interest in so you can better know how to plan future engagements. The challenge remains: Once you've made a good connection with a woman, continually be committed to getting to know her. Keep your best foot forward and keep her wanting more. Don't treat her like an object or possession, relationships are about respect and love.


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Mike Hatcher is a coach and writer who offers advice for couples about open and other alternative relationships.