If He Has These 10 Overlooked Traits, He's The Perfect Boyfriend

There are certain traits we all want in our partner.

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No two people are the same and women are no different. Everyone has a different list of priorities and traits that they want in a partner. However, there are certain traits we all want in our partner.

We hear this very commonly that he/she has a certain type.

She goes for the brooding kinds or he goes for the hot girl with attitude. Although, it really isn’t like that. It may just seem so because we get comfortable with a certain type of person, so we keep going back for more. But in the long run, you need to have a checklist of personality traits you need in a life partner, not just a type. 


There are innumerable different traits you would hope your partner would have.

However, these are the few character traits that I would look out for specifically in someone I am serious about:

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1. Honesty

This is a big one for me and that’s why it’s right at the top. Honesty is the glue that keeps the relationship together. White lies can be forgiven (sometimes) but a complete lack of trust is an ultimate deal-breaker. If your guy is honest with you and doesn’t feel the need to lie to you every now and then, you have a keeper.


2. Trustworthy

Trust is the most important one for me. I am the queen of giving people chances, but once my trust is broken, I will not give a second look. It’s like glass; if it’s broken once, it can never retain its form again. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

3. Caring

It is easier to care than you think. Some people like to put on a stone personality just to avoid getting hurt, but being able to care for someone just makes you human. However, this care shouldn’t only be restricted to you, if someone can care not only for you but also everyone else, then he is the one to keep.

4. Understanding

It is very important that someone is on the same page as you. This person might be a great catch in every other way, but if they aren’t understanding of you and what’s important to you, it’s a recipe for an eventual failure.

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5. Genuine

In today’s day and age, no one is a saint. Everyone has their fair share of positives and negatives. Although, you would rather be with a bad guy who’s genuine than a good guy who’s not. At least you’re spared from any rude surprise coming your way.

6. A sense of humor

Other than the usual traits most of us commonly look for in a partner, a sense of humor is quite important. It is great to have someone who can make you laugh. This doesn’t mean be with someone who will not take anything seriously and joke about everything, but instead, it means they know when to be serious and when to not. They know exactly how to make you laugh and we all know that is really attractive.

7. Paternal instincts

Other than companionship, people get into a relationship or get married to produce offspring. You not only have to choose a man that is good for you but also someone who will be a good father to your children as well.

8. Chivalry

No, chivalry isn’t dead. Or at least I’d like to believe so. In the world of feminism, people are confusing chivalry with equality. Walking someone home or opening the door open for someone doesn’t display that we cannot do these tasks ourselves, it just shows that there is someone who is looking out for us.


9. Dependability

It is important to be with someone who’s stable, not necessarily financially, but in the space, they are in currently in their life. He should be someone who is reliable and who will stick around even when things aren’t as great. He should be someone who you can depend on when you need them to be there and vice versa.

10. Equality

A guy can be great in various aspects, however, if he doesn’t treat you as an equal then it will just lead to resentment. I don’t expect someone to treat me as a superior, but I do expect a guy to treat me equally. And that is the least you should expect, especially in the 21st century.

I always feel that love is a two-way street for the most part. It is wrong to expect your guy to have these traits and go out of his way to show his love while you don’t reciprocate the same. It may sound like a lot, but honestly, when someone is in it for the long run, these traits will come naturally to them.


 It is easy to get carried away while making a list of traits in your head, but it’s crucial to be realistic about them as well. Carefully think about what traits you can work with and what traits you absolutely need in a partner, and go from there. It might just be the tip of the iceberg, but

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