5 Sweet Ways To Say Goodnight To The Man You Love

Let his heart melt in your presence.

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Life is a beehive of busyness, and if you don’t purposely create time at night to connect with your man, the hectic soiree of emails, bills, and school plays sequesters you until you slam your exhausted body in bed, dissolving into the world of unconsciousness. But then, you’ll miss out on what’s important – the intimacy between the two of you, the very foundation of your family dynamic. And I am not just talking about physical intimacy. There is more to being intimate than getting physically entangled.


Here are 5 sweet ways to say goodnight to the man you love

1. Eat something sweet

Have a slumber party with him. Bring light, healthy snacks — fruit, nuts, pieces of dark chocolate (you'll brush your teeth later) — and snuggle in bed, giggling, de-briefing. Before you were lovers, you were friends.

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2. Taste the sweetness of vulnerability by having a conversation based on love and trust

Share your feelings, and what's troubling you. Open your heart and let his love in; let him be there for you, and then be there for him. Being heard without judgment creates a sense of safety in a relationship — and you will sleep better!

3. Say something sweet

Acknowledge and appreciate him for something he did today, for all that he is to you. "Thank you for picking up my dry-cleaning, honey, I can always rely on your help." The simple act of acknowledging small things in time grows into a strong bond between couples.

4. Do something sweet

Show your affection by massaging his shoulders, bracing his face, and kissing him softly, or by looking into his eyes and simply saying, "I love you." No, this is not cheesy, it is real. Verbalizing your love for him while feeling it in your heart solidifies it in this moment.


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5. Plan to do something sweet in the future

It's always fun to plan a romantic getaway, a family trip, or a date night. The anticipation of it takes you over as if you’re already living it. Planning your life together keeps your heart beating with excitement and your relationship stronger.

Every night, let his heart melt in your presence. By making yourself available, you honor him and validate his importance to you. And that always feels good. As you fall asleep, the continued loop of love between you, this heart-to-heart connection, will make you fall in love with each other all over again. As your phone yells at you to wake up in the morning, this love will greet you at the door of your consciousness to carry you through the day and make the storms of life so much easier.

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Real intimacy is about letting go of all the stressors of the day — all the reasons you’re tired or upset – and choosing to be there with your man. It’s like you’re dropping down from the judgments of your mind into the emotional realm of the heart, indulging in its sweet nectar of love. Life gets so much richer when we choose to maintain this deep level of closeness.

To me, Love is a verb, and it is expressed in action — it’s something we do for and with one another. When evening comes, and the world spins slower, seize the opportunity to say good night to the man you love in these five sweet ways.

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Katherine Agranovich, Ph.D., is a Medical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Consultant. She is the author of Tales of My Large, Loud, Spiritual Family.