Why Warm Weather Makes People Fall In Love — And How To Make The Most Of It

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​In springtime, we get out more to meet, greet and mingle. For many of us, the extended wait for this chance to socialize more freely has been painful, like a very long winter.   

Scientifically speaking, we feel more euphoric in the Spring — delightful new growth springs up around us, triggering dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

This high vibe makes us an attractant for love and if we then meet someone and feel in love, we get a dopamine turbo-boost. The joys are even better and the struggles don’t feel as bad.

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How do you get ready for new love?

While some might prefer to be independent, especially younger or older singles, others feel a deep longing for hugs and words of adoration and support.

They occasionally feel lonely or have a nagging feeling that they should be in a relationship.

Yet, commonly, many singles of all ages resist dating and starting anew.

There are inner barriers that are hard to shake because that means getting to the core of hidden insecurities in the realm of love.

Notice what’s in the way before you take the first step toward new love this spring:

  • You're not sure you're emotionally ready. Your heart has been broken before and you feel like relationships are scary. You’ve been hiding out at home or distracting yourself with career, fitness, family or friend obligations, and doing anything but going on dates. 
  • You're not willing to do what it takes, because you think dating takes too much time or sacrifice. 
  • Maybe it’s been a while and you're uncertain about how to date in the modern world
  • You’re discouraged after trying a few things, but promising relationships just aren’t happening.
  • You may be tired of online dating, stuck with only first dates, ghosted or, even after seeing someone for a while, it just doesn’t feel like things are clicking.

At this point, you are just not sure you can ever attract the right partner or build a rewarding, meaningful relationship in which you can still be free to live the satisfying life you’ve been living.  

Notice what’s in the way before you take the first step towards new love this spring.

If your longing is not just for a quick hook-up or spring fling, yet you have checked off some of the above barriers to starting a relationship, don’t despair.

It’s not too late to change your approach and get what you want.

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Here's the 3-step "Ready, Set, Go!" formula to prepare for new springtime love. 

1. Get ready — and get specific.

This is the most important step in order to clear the past and raise your love vibration. Get specific about any fears and resistance and then take them on head-on.

Remind yourself that limiting beliefs like "I’m not good enough" or "I’m not safe" or "All the good ones are taken" are "in the head" and mostly baseless.  

When you're free of these, your energy shifts to a higher vibration. You're magnetized for love and ready to choose love.  

Your abundant, authentic love energy will be expressed both as inward-directed self-love and love radiated outward to others.  

You will then be set up to attract a partner who is looking for someone just like you and who's the person you truly desire. 

"How can I remove the obstacles and shift my love vibration?"

You might have been introduced to the concept of changing your limiting beliefs and shifting your energetic vibration.

Perhaps you began to learn about those things while experimenting with some enlightening practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and conscious eating, taking a course, or getting some type of therapy.

A popular favorite that is the most strongly supported practice for dealing with underlying emotional barriers is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

There are well over 100 studies published about the topic in peer-reviewed journals. After reviewing the randomized controlled trials, the American Psychological Association concluded that they consistently demonstrated strong results after relatively few sessions.

Also known as "tapping," EFT is a powerful way to get you back to being your happy, authentic, confident, and attractive best self.

A few other simple and effective ways to boost your readiness for love:

These positive practices have the added benefit of reducing your stress levels. They're not to be replaced with unhealthy distractions to avoid visiting your inner self.

The list of these negative activities includes:

  • Keeping overly busy and using substances.
  • Bingeing on food, porn, or sex when feeling bad.
  • Spending way too much time absorbing technology.

Cultivating this inner readiness is by far the most challenging and time-consuming part of the 3-step formula. Next, you can start to have some real fun.

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2. Set up your vision of your personal best.

Envision the ultimate partner and relationship for you. It is not just about appearance, but a total experience of another human being who you choose to share your life with.

At the very least you should have a clear idea of your top deal-breakers and must-haves. You can use this when dating. If you see any red flags regarding those, head in the opposite direction before the love bug strikes!  

You might also take a few moments to create a scene in your mind that you might like to be in a year or more down the road. Include all the senses while imagining your partner and your relationship.

In this scene, do you feel safe and relaxed or on guard? Are you laughing, caressing, quietly pursuing your own private activities, or doing something else?

Do you hear in-depth discussions, terms of endearment, joking, or encouragement? What else do you see in your surroundings? Are others with you?

Describe any other sights, sounds, scents, or tastes involved in your scene.

This vision, held in the back of your mind, may surprisingly increase your chances of manifesting it for real in the future.

And if you're going on an in-person date, video chat, or even going somewhere where there may be singles, don’t forget to do what it takes beforehand to feel sexy.  

Do a sexy dance before you leave home and wear your sexiest undies which may not be seen but will help you to feel and radiate that sexy vibe.  

Now it’s time to show up, whether in person where eligible men and women gather or on dating sites. But it's spring, so if you can, make it in person.

3. Go! Get out there and get visible.

For the most part, there is no more wearing masks everywhere, social distancing, and isolation. In most regions of the United States, you can do the things you used to do.

Travel, visit coffee shops, attend gatherings, meet-up groups, and gyms — and yes, there are singles at each of these locations. Get creative. Join a meet-up group or attend a conference or retreat with a theme that matches your interests.

Keep your sexy vibe on during your outings.

Passion and pleasure are sexy qualities that you want to display during your encounters with your potential partner. Imagine what the opposite would be: dullness and suffering. How sexy would that be?

You can bring on these sexy qualities, especially on first dates as you reveal your approach to movement, eating, hobbies, or even your work.

A sexy friend once displayed what can only be described as a "foodgasm!" Although you might save that for at least a second date.  

Do prepare but get out there. You can’t hide in your home any longer. Make your appearance alongside the birds, sing your song, blossom like the flowers and you will attract a long-term lover as attractive as you are. And you really are!

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Heather-Lee Donaldson, is a relationship coach, author and creator of Love is the Way programs for mid-life single women. Find out more at Love Is The Way and free Facebook group page