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About Heather Donaldson

Heather Donaldson has been referred to as a midwife of emotions which are hindering more than helping and is an experienced relationship and intimacy coach using EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique), 

When the deep work is done, she will leave you with the simple tapping tools for quick calm on demand and other tools to stimulate easy communication and intimacy in relationships.

Heather has a unique and diverse expertise in helping others, including herself, to  live more easefully, joyfully  and peacefully. She applies her advanced degrees in education and health promotion, certification in coaching  and energy psychology,  as well as life experience and intuitive skills to her work with individuals, couples and groups.  Results speak for themselves and her client date show that 80% of her clients report 80% improvement on the first session, working on  issues they identify.  Many of her clients are in the circle of  professionals in the real estate industry and legal professions. She currently works from the beaches of Costa Rica and Europe where she connects online with people around the globe. 


While running a professional shiatsu and massage therapist business, Heather created  the unique RootsEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) methods to transform  her clients’ “inner gardens”.   Working with the popular and powerful tapping technique,  alone or as an add-on, Heather has a gift for tuning in deeply to what each person truly needs. Over time, she developed a specialty for guiding men and women to create more intimacy in their lives, beginning with alleviating stress and then  building on skills needed to nurture epic relationships.

Recent testimonials from middle-aged male and female clients:

"It sure is a powerful awakening, not a bit freaky though.... much respect to your process. You are a very intuitive guide and you really understood my soup bowl mix of emotions.  Thank you for YOU. Today I felt as I was hoping to with your eft session. I feel a lot more peaceful , a lot less anxious and quite focussed on my list of grown up tasks that I  need to do..."

“I was still on an amazing  high the next day and had my best ever sale day.  I was hugging everyone. It was really cool! AND I am no longer dreaming about my ex….”

"I felt lighter and happier for days afterwards . It really helped me. I’ve been using it on my own."  

The Love Is the Way programs  help adults to find, create, navigate, nurture and even end intimate relationships by giving them powerful yet easy tools which get to the roots of any challenges, so they can have more evolved, peaceful, joyful, and enriching intimate relationships.  The programs she offers include individual coaching sessions for singles and couples,   workshops and retreats, which are moving to online during the COVID19 pandemic. At a later date her 'Intimacy Games', where people have fun getting closer, will be an add-on feature at select vacation resorts. Most of her clients begin with her brief private Relationship Breakthrough Session,  online or in-person, and continue with a 'Walk through your Love Garden' series, a guided step by step process through the stages of creating and nurturing your intimate relationship.  In the same arena, she published a helpful book, How to Grow a Beautiful Relationship,  

Some of  her unique creations and a link to sample them or book a full session  can currently be found at her website

'Long  duration or Instagram vacation?' You decide.   


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