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Sister 'Vouches' For Her Lonely Brother In A Dating Group To Give Him An 'Iconic' Gift Of 50 Potential Girlfriends

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Just when we thought that dating apps were the only option left for meeting new people, there are even more resources to discover in this generation’s ever-shifting world of dating. 

One woman took to TikTok to share her unique Christmas gift idea for her lonely brother.

In her video, Lauren Romeo explained how her brother was craving a loving partner, so she had the brilliant idea of finding him potential girlfriends to go on dates with as a Christmas gift.

Romeo discovered a Facebook group called Vouched Dating - Verified Guys and Group Matchmaking. Created by Paola Sanchez in 2022, the concept of this dating group is for women to recommend "good and single men" they know and build a community of women searching for that rare kind of connection they struggle to find anywhere else.

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Sanchez created individual Vouched groups for most big cities around the U.S. as an alternative to the unpredictable culture of dating apps.

What makes these groups unique is that not just anyone can join them. They are private groups designed for women with specific rules, and the only men who can join the groups must be recommended, or vouched for, by a woman who knows their genuine character and believes they would make a suitable partner. 



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Romeo vouched for her brother in Boston’s group, where more than 50 girls showed interest in getting to know him. 

Currently, Boston’s Vouched group has over 14,500 members. Romeo's post got such an overwhelming response her family selected their "15 top picks" out of all the women who showed interest.

Romeo printed out headshots and bios for each girl and placed them in a gift box with a rose to give to her brother on Christmas morning.

In a follow-up TikTok video capturing his reaction when she presented the gift to him on Christmas, she informed him he’s “the next Boston bachelor.”

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With confusion and flattery, he smiled as Romeo explained her gift. She told him how he now has several prospects interested in dating him, and he gets to select who he wants to go on dates with and get to know on a deeper level following the holiday.

“Lauren, that is a pretty unbelievable gift,” he told Romeo. “Tip of the hat.”



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TikTokers showed love and admiration for this unique idea in the comments of her videos. “I did this for my roommate last spring. I made him a slideshow,” one person shared. “He got a whole [girlfriend] (that we all love) out of it.”

Some women shared they were also from Boston and additionally showed interest in going on a date with him, asking to be included in the pile of potential girlfriends.

In a reply to someone else’s comment, Romeo said she planned to film updates on his dates.

Romeo’s gift to her brother is a perfect example of presenting thoughtful, innovative, and low-cost gifts to your loved ones during the holiday season.

This year, many individuals have spoken up about proposing more meaningful, sentimental gifts rather than further contributing to consumerism and gifting items people don’t really need. 

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While nobody needs a girlfriend, compiling a group of potential dates in your local area for your lonely brother is a brilliant idea that he could truly appreciate.  

Rather than seeking out a materialistic, expensive gift for her brother, Romeo thought of something her brother really wanted and used the internet as her resource, finding an "iconic" idea that would be sure to put a smile on his face. And the best part? It didn’t cost her a dime.

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