10 Signs You're Falling For Him (Even Though You Swore You Wouldn't)

How did this happen?

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You swore you wouldn’t fall for him, but you are. You can’t even tell when it started or how it happened, all you know is that suddenly there’s this feeling inside of you. There’s this urge to want to be with someone that you really didn’t see coming.

How could you let this happen? How could you anticipate the slight cluster of butterflies in your stomach when he’s in the room?

So you might be catching feelings for someone you shouldn't or don't want to fall for. Don't panic! It’s okay. It could be a heat of the moment thing. Maybe it’s not even real. But how can you tell?


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You didn't want to fall for him but now you're questioning yourself, asking if it could really be. If there’s even a small voice in you that challenges everything you knew, maybe you should listen to it. After all, love hardly comes when you're expecting it.


10 Signs You're Falling For Him (Even Though You Swore You Wouldn't)

1. You find him uncharacteristically funny.

A compatible sense of humor is important to a lifelong relationship. When you find yourself falling for a guy, you’re suddenly laughing more at his jokes. Were they funny before? You can’t tell. All you know is that he’s making you smile and those endorphins are running marathons through your veins.

2. You check your phone to see if he’s messaged you.

He can easily send you a quick text, meme, or emoji, so you wait. You’re checking your messages to see if you have a notification from a certain someone and become disappointed when you don't. Maybe you find yourself thinking that he texted you but you just couldn’t hear your phone chime. Whatever the situation, you are constantly looking at your screen for his name to pop up.

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3. You check (A.K.A stalk him) on social media.

When you realize he hasn’t texted, you end up doing a deep dive into his social media pages. You check his Instagram to see if he’s liked any posts recently. “Who’s Zendaya? Oh.” You realize it’s just a celebrity then keep scrolling. Facebook Messenger shows how active he’s been recently and Twitter time stamps everything. You’re like the FBI when it comes to this.


4. You envy other women.

Remember asking: "Who’s Zendaya?" Well, that question is running through your mind with more names than just my girl Z. You’ll ask about the girl in his profile picture only to find out it’s his sister or wonder who that chick is that likes all of his posts. Females become an instant sore topic when it comes to him. But why should it matter? He’s allowed to have female friends. Maybe it’s because you like him more than you should.

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5. You make excuses to see him more.

Even though it may take a few minutes more to get home, you’ll gladly make a pit stop if it means you can see him. You really didn’t need that sweater but when he’s the cashier, you’ll time it so you can be his next patron.

6. You’re genuinely interested in his day.

You want to know how his day went. You care and are invested in all the big and small things that happen in his life. You’re engrossed by the facts and details and tell him to not skip anything. Maybe you just like to hear him talk.


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7. You catch yourself looking at him slightly longer than usual.

Did he always have a dimpled smile? Was that freckle always there? You might not see it but you’re looking at him longer, trying to paint a picture of who he is in your head. A photograph would last longer but you want to stay in the moment — ad don't want to be creepy.

8. You ask if he’s coming to group plans.

Your friends made plans and you casually ask if he’s coming along too. You try to act cool. You make an effort not to seem disappointed if he’s not coming but also not too eager if he is. You’re putting on a balancing act of not caring but also caring.

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9. The little things remind you of him and you remember the little things about him.

The scar he got on his left hip from surgery or how he likes vanilla ice cream are all small details he said in passing but you remember them. Any time you smell movie theater popcorn you’re reminded of the movie you saw together. It’s the little things that have your mind suddenly wandering to him.

10. You can’t get him off your mind.

Everything you do suddenly brings your thoughts back to him. You’re not sure what it is but he's always on your mind. You could be doing dishes then you think how much more fun you’d have if you were doing them together. It’s frustrating. You don’t know why.

Maybe, just maybe, you might be falling for him. And is that so bad?


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