Yes, The Right Relationship Is A Wonderful Blessing, But So Is Being Single

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By Rosalinda Fallon

For many people, being in a relationship is an important part of their lives. Feeling loved and supported by another person can help you feel complete.

While there is nothing wrong with being in a supportive and healthy relationship, seeking a relationship to fill a void within yourself isn’t going to leave you satisfied.

The reality is that a relationship is simply not the answer to ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

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Yes, the right relationship is a wonderful blessing, but so is being single.

Here’s why I am recognizing being single as a blessing, instead of a curse.

1. You can focus on your purpose and passion.

What is life without purpose? There’s a reason we all get out of bed in the morning. Ask yourself what that reason is for you.

Being single truly gives you time to focus on finding your passion and turning it into purpose-driven success. Ask yourself what you are passionate about and what goals you want to achieve.

Perhaps you’d like to learn some new skills, write a book, or travel. You have plenty of time to do all of these things now.

2. You discover who you really are.

When you are in a relationship, your partner becomes your other half. You will probably do pretty much everything together. When you are single, you have the chance to discover who you are — your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, talents, and so on.

You have more time to solidify your beliefs about yourself and the world, develop emotional maturity, learn how to maintain a positive attitude, and even grow your faith.

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3. You become independent and strong.

Having this time as a single person is extremely valuable, because you will learn how to become more independent. Feelings for a partner will most likely change over time (i.e., the initial romantic fairytale phase may dissipate a little), so it is important that you don’t seek happiness in a partner alone.

Recognizing that other people will never provide you with the ultimate happiness is very important before you enter into a relationship. You must discover this happiness within yourself and your own personal growth.

This way, you can stay strong through changes and in the midst of whatever life throws at you.

4. You strengthen your friendships.

Good friendships can be few and far between. You know a loyal friend when you have one, so take this time you have now to cultivate and nurture your friendships.

Since many couples don’t have extra time to socialize, being single truly lets you strengthen friendships that can potentially last a lifetime. Maintaining healthy social connections creates a network of support, opportunities, and encouragement, which is truly invaluable.

5. You become even more self-aware than you were before.

When you are single, you become more self-aware, because you have more time to spend with yourself. You can take this opportunity to reflect on yourself and heal wounds from the past that you may still carry with you.

During this time of being single, you have the time to look inward and make an effort to understand yourself more. It’s wonderful to learn more about yourself and understand how you contribute to the world as the unique person you are.

Being single can be lonely, or it can be one of the greatest times of your life. Understand who you are, what you bring to the table, and become confident in that knowledge.

Focus on growing into the most amazing person you can be, and you will be amazed at what you will attract into your life.

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Rosalinda Fallon is a writer, blogger, realtor, and Editor-in-Chief of Carolina Spark Magazine. She frequently writes about self-love, relationships, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.