4 Habits That Drive Men A Little Crazy — And Not In A Good Way

Men say these behaviors drive them nuts on first dates.

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Women are the traditional consumers of self-help books, but sometimes it helps to have a man's opinion.

Obviously, men think on a totally different wavelength than women — and they're certainly not always right — but below is a bit of advice to save us both the horrible first-date heartache. 

Here are 4 habits that drive men a little crazy — not in a good way:

1. She's completely obsessed with her pets

If a woman shows a remarkable amount of affection for her pet, it's tempting to regard her as a really sweet person. The trouble is, we often find ourselves riding backseat while Fido rides shotgun in the love mobile. And we should never be a third wheel in bed — especially on a cold night spent with poochy running an anti-spooning campaign.


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2. She won't get off her phone

If she spends several hours a day — or more criminally, several minutes on a first date — on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, guys will find themselves wishing they had the pet problem instead. This sort of attention deficit will eventually wear thin and isn't likely to be something we can wean her off of anytime soon. 

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3. She brings up the "let's be exclusive" talk way too soon

When a conversation that revolves around a long-term relationship rears its head early in dating, it's generally a red flag. Who wants to hear about kids or a wedding on the first date?


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4. She has no opinions about anything at all

Don't be fooled into thinking that this lack of intelligence is something we carry a preference for deep into a relationship. In fact, the burdens and challenges couples inevitably face will be shouldered exclusively by us in such an arrangement. These pairings are thoroughly devoid of a sense of "team." Experience tells us that men do best when we're pushed a little.

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